The Ten Pillars of True Friendship


Some friends come and go, but others stay by your side for life. These are the friends who’ll let you cry all over their brand new dress, and who’ll stay up with you all night to discuss deep and meaningful subjects like: ‘If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?’

These aren’t the only signs of true friendship, though. In the spirit of our newly-launched tombola bingo Britain’s Best Friend of the Year competition, in partnership with Loose Women, we decided to ask a group of ten bloggers just what makes a friendship stand the test of time.

Jo and Victora – She and Hem

‘True friendship is about supporting each other through the hard times and celebrating with each other during the good times!’

Heather Nixon – Of Beauty and Nothingness

‘You can talk about embarrassing, gross things together without feeling awkward, and even though we might not see each other for months, when we meet up it’s like we were never apart.’

Jess Shanahan – Love Norfolk

‘Friendship is about more than who you grew up with and the things you have in common; it’s about finding those people spread throughout the world that you have a deep and meaningful connection with, that goes way beyond the things you like to do together.’

Katie Brennan – Bloody Hell Brennan

‘True friends will tell you that you’re making a bad decision, support you when you make it anyway, and pick up the pieces when it goes wrong – without ever saying “I told you so”.’

Holly O’Boyle – Rock on Holly

‘A true sign of friendship is when you can tell, from one look, EXACTLY what the other person is thinking – and obvs, you’re thinking it too. It’s not quite telepathy: just the ultimate, best friend weirdness.’

Clare Nicholas – Emmy’s Mummy and Harry’s too!

‘True friendship is not even seeing the mess, the lack of makeup and the PJ’s on your best friend when you turn up unannounced… as you’ll be dressed exactly the same!’

Jacinta Zechariah – Jacintaz Three

‘My best friend tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear, because she always has my best interests at heart.’

Mary – Over 40 and a Mum to One

‘My test of a true friendship is being able to call my oldest friend in the middle of the night when my world is falling apart, and just knowing that she will be there to listen, support and get me through the times ahead.’

Laura Pearson-Smith – A Life with Frills

‘A true friend wants to sit with you at home when you’re sobbing and snotty; not just at the pub when the round’s on you.’

JJ – Love London

‘My best friends are the people who are there to listen, to guide, to make me laugh, to offer a shoulder to cry on and to make my life better somehow, whether we’re out dancing on tables or at home, under a blanket, drinking tea and watching the same film for the third time. They say that when it’s dark enough, you see the stars. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by them.’

Has your best friend passed all of these tests? Perhaps they have shown their dedication in a different way, no matter how big or small? Let us know, and don’t forget to enter them as Britain’s Best Friend of the Year!

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