The results are in! Meet our 12 Best Friend of the Year finalists…


When we challenged you to write in and tell us what makes your best friend the best, nothing could have prepared us for the response that came flooding in.

From stories of selflessness to being able to talk about anything and everything, we were truly touched by some of your responses.

Although it was a hard one to call, we could only choose 12 pairs of best friends to be whisked off to London. So, here they are – meet our Best Friend of the Year competition finalists…

  1. John Gregory & Samantha Holt
  2. Wendy Bailey & Mandy Bentley
  3. Val Owens & Jen Owens
  4. Yvonne Kitching & Sharon Lambert
  5. Cara Deville & Dianne Jones
  6. Louise Callcut & Becky Harris
  7. Yvette Price-Mear & Edwin Dereck Horne
  8. Rachel Richardson & Lauren Adams
  9. Sara Buchanan & Rachel Houlton
  10. Lynsey Stuart & Becky Harakins
  11. Gemma Maddison & Christopher McGill
  12. Katie Butcher & Danielle Wally

Each of the 12 lucky finalists and their best friends are being whisked off to attend our Loose Women luncheon in London. The ultimate winner of the Best Friend of the Year campaign will be announced at the luncheon, in line with National Best Friend’s Day on 8th June 2015.

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