What Would You Tell Your Thirty-Year-Old Self?

The Loose Women panellists said a big ‘Happy Birthday!’ to Prince Harry, as he celebrated his thirtieth birthday.

The royal’s big milestone made our ladies cast their minds back to their thirtieth birthdays and, unsurprisingly, a fair few memories are evoked as they reminisce on their younger selves.

Jane Moore shows us a photo of herself, just a week before her thirtieth birthday, where she can be seen as a tall, natural brunette, sporting high-waist pedal pushers. She talks about how her twenties were very hedonistic and fun, as she travelled the world with work.

“It was all about me, me, me”, Jane says. Upon turning thirty, however, she thought: “I’m in my thirties now – I’ve got to have a baby!” and had one, within a year.

Ruth Langsford, who was a newsreader at the time, didn’t enjoy her thirtieth birthday for similar reasons:

“I did think ‘I’m all grown up… I should have children…I should have done things by now – amazing things!”

Coleen Nolan, on the other hand, had already had two children by then, so the urge to have babies was curbed, unlike the other women.

Jane feels as though you do go through a significant change in mind-set in a small space of time:

“It’s funny though, because there’s only a day between being twenty-nine, but it’s that ‘I am now in my thirties’ thing.”

Having been dating Rod Stewart for three or four years when her thirtieth birthday came around, Penny Lancaster also felt the urge to start a family:

“I think women feel they have to choose between a career and children… I’d been dating Rod for about three or four years at that point… I was thinking ‘children, children’ and I was lucky enough to have my first at thirty-four.”

This got the Loose Women asking: ‘What would you tell your thirty-year-old self?’

“Don’t wear pedal pushers!” Jane laughs. She goes on to talk about the advice she offers her daughters:

“I always tell them ‘your twenties are for you and in your thirties, if you do want to have children, that’s probably the time to start trying’, and that’s the advice I’d still give to myself.”

Discussing how she was settled with husband and kids at that time, Coleen says her advice to her former self would be: ‘Don’t take everything for granted.’

Ruth jokes that her advice would simply be to ‘stay out of the sun’, revealing that she wouldn’t need a fringe to cover the wrinkles if she did.

How do you feel about turning thirty? Or, if you’ve already cleared that hurdle, what would your advice be to your thirty-year-old self? Would you be telling yourself to take a completely different route or would you do things exactly the same way? Maybe you’d simply tell yourself to avoid one or two dodgy hairstyles? Whatever it is, we want to hear it. Drop us a line below.


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