How Should you Stack Your Fridge?

When the Loose Women recently brought up the menial task of loading a dishwasher, there was a huge response from viewers about how they felt the task should be done. In fact, 1,200 viewers responded immediately, and it seems that it’s something of an art to many people. And now, it seems like the way in which you pack your fridge is also the subject of much debate.

After the topic was raised by Ruth Langsford on the show, another debate ensued. True to form, Ruth takes a regimented approach to packing the fridge, labelling herself the ‘fridge police’ of her household.

For Jamelia, stacking the fridge is a serious business. So much so that when her two young daughters try and ‘help’, she has to wait until they’re out of sight and stack the whole thing again!

“But is that for tidiness, for convenience or for hygiene?” Ruth asked.

“All of the above really.” Jamelia went on to reveal that she actually has two fridges – one for the everyday things like milk and butter and the other for items used less frequently.

While Gloria Hunniford wasn’t initially aware of the importance of fridge stacking, a scientist explained that all it takes is a trickle of juice from a piece for raw chicken to soil the rest of your food shopping.

“Well mine’s the worst stacked fridge in the world and I’m still alive” Jane scoffed.

The topic also prompted a number of viewers to get in touch with the ladies.

“Becky Jay has literally written a thesis,” joked Jane Moore. “She puts bananas on a banana hook, her root veg in a cool cupboard, her grapes and salad go in the draw at the bottom, dairy on the top – it’s you Ruth!”

Anita was more of a woman after Jane’s own heart: “I just shove it in and hope for the best.”

When it comes to the contents themselves, Ruth pointed out that bread is actually best kept out of the fridge, as it can cause it to dry out. Other common mistakes include putting potatoes and tomatoes in the fridge, as this can impair their flavour.

It seems as though stacking your fridge simply isn’t as easy as it sounds. What are your thoughts? Do you just throw it all in and hope for the best? Or do you have a strict approach to fridge packing? And can you think of any other items that shouldn’t be living in the fridge, despite common presumptions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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