A Royal Arrival

Monday didn’t just mark the launch of a brand new series of Loose Women. It was also the day of a very important announcement from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Another Royal Baby is on the way!

News that the young Royals are expecting their second child has spread across the globe like wildfire and, of course, it hasn’t escaped our presenters’ attention.

Royal Baby number two, who will be fourth in line to the throne after Prince George, is due to be born in spring 2015.

The news came after The Duchess of Cambridge was noticeably absent on a public engagement in Oxford. The reason? She was at home suffering, for the second time, with acute morning sickness.

As with their firstborn, Wills and Kate were therefore forced to announce their news before the significant 12-week milestone. Due to the fact that most women have a scan at 12 weeks, many wait until this point (when they have a better idea of the baby’s health) before breaking the news.

This had the presenters talking.

Ruth asked:

At what point in your pregnancy do you tell your family and friends, or announce it at work, publicly?

While Coleen told the ladies that she began spreading the news from the minute she saw the blue line, Jamelia said she enjoyed the “knowing looks” shared between her and her partner for the five and a half months before sharing the news:

The reason I kept it for like five and a half months before telling anyone…because  you get to keep it to yourself – you and your partner, you have that.

Once you announce that you’re pregnant, that’s the only thing people want to talk to you about – you’re just a pregnant woman.

During the debate, Ruth raised the point that many health professionals wish it was spoken about more, to help raise awareness around miscarriages.

Jane mentioned the fact that miscarriages are quite taboo and that discussing pregnancy earlier, regardless of the baby’s health, could perhaps discourage women from thinking that they’re to blame.

So do you agree that people should start spreading the news early? Or do you feel that it’s best kept under wraps until that significant 12-week mark? Either way we’d like to know. Tell us your thoughts below.


Image credit: David Iliff. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

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