Player Suffers Heart Attack a Week Before her Wedding

They do say planning a wedding can be stressful. It certainly turned out to be for Sharon Ransley who suffered a heart attack just a week before her big day. Sharon who joined tombola three and a half years ago known to players as ‘wobbly knockers’ told us her traumatic account.

Sharon, 40 from Chelmsford woke up Monday morning 15th March this year feeling pretty unwell, she went into the bathroom and struggling to breathe thought she was having a panic attack. She asked her fiancé, Mark to fetch a paper bag as she thought she was hyperventilating. However, instead of feeling better she felt worse, and started vomiting. It got so bad; it was beyond just a trip to the doctors – Mark called an ambulance.

 and one at 50%. The hospital at Basildon operated on her immediately. By Wednesday, she was back home and had an enjoyable evening catching up with her girlfriends! Unfortunately, perhaps due to her young age the paramedic didn’t think it could be a heart attack even though the monitors were indicating this, he thought it was faulty! Eventually, he did take Sharon seriously and with a new monitor, again showing ‘heart attack’ she was taken into hospital.

Sharon had two blockages in her heart, her right artery was blocked 100% and the left had two blockages – one at 70%

Sharon stuck to her wedding date of Saturday 27th March and had a wonderful time; obviously her guests were so amazed at how well she seemed so soon after such a big trauma. The happy couple were able to go on holiday six months later for a belated honeymoon to Thailand.

Basildon hospital will be operating on the left artery tomorrow, Thursday 11th November to unblock the 50% blockage. Sharon said it was a fantastic place and the staff brilliant. She hopes to be home soon and back playing in bingo games with her fellow Aqua roomies! Sharon commented that her friends on tombola had been so caring and wanted to say a huge thank you for their well wishes and fantastic support, they’ve really kept her going.

Sharon now wants to get the message out to other young women to listen to your body. Sharon advised ‘ If you feel pain and go to see the doctor and are rebuffed, don’t give up. Ask for a second opinion. I had pain in my feet and thought it might mean I had diabetes but as I didn’t have any other symptoms, the doctor discounted it. This is what ultimately brought on my heart attack. Had this been discovered a year ago when I first went to the doctors, the heart attack could probably have been prevented.’

If you would like more information about heart conditions, visit British Heart Foundation for more information.

Good luck Sharon and we’ll see you on tombola soon!

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