Picnic Season Essentials (and some Easy-Peasy Recipes)

summer picnic

The essentials

Summer is synonymous with picnics. Even the well-to-do loved dining outdoors back in the day, with the picnic really coming into its own during Edwardian times. From roast hams to roast lamb and a multitude of cakes, house staff would prepare a luxurious hamper for their families to take along on their travels.

Things may have gotten a little less fussy in the meantime, but by no means have picnics lost their charm. They are perfect for the family, friends and significant others, and don’t have to be lavish to ensure a lovely day out.

Here are a few ideas from the tombola team for your next summer picnic.

cucumber and carrot picnic

There are some things that a picnic just wouldn’t be complete without. Disposable paper plates, for example, to save on washing up, or a portable means to play your favourite summer soundtrack.

It isn’t all about convenient accessories though, by ‘picnic essentials’ we also mean delicious finger foods that would prove just a little bit too time consuming to make at short notice. Piling your picnic basket high with ruby red strawberries, traditional pork pies, delicious dips and a hearty quiche will satisfy everyone’s grumbling bellies, as well as reduce any stress on your part!

However, there is definitely something to be said for a picnic complimented by just as many homemade treats as much loved finger foods.

Recipe time

summer scones recipe

Picnic recipes don’t have to be elaborate. In fact, the simplest but most carefully considered ones are often the tastiest!

Here are some of the tombola team’s favourite easy-peasy picnic recipes:

‘Posh’ cucumber sandwiches

Rather than white-bread sandwiches consisting solely of cucumber, why not make them on seedy bread instead? Then, simply add your cucumber, some rocket and a generous helping of ‘posh’ mayo. All you need to do is take your mayonnaise of choice, squeeze in some lemon juice and add a twist of cracked black pepper. Et voila!

Mediterranean chickpea salad

This fresh and tasty salad is perfect for picnics, conjuring up images of life in the slow lane on the sunny Mediterranean coast. It’s really easy to make and, thanks to the chickpeas, also quite hearty, and tastes great either on its own or stuffed into a pitta bread.

Classic scones

What would a picnic be without scones? This recipe is simple, easy and results in some very tasty treats. For the more adventurous among you, however, why not try your hand at a savoury scone? These mustard, bacon and caramelised onion scones are delicious topped with butter and cheddar cheese.

Zesty lemonade

If you haven’t tasted a glass of zesty, refreshing homemade lemonade before, then you are missing out! It goes perfectly with Mediterranean chickpea salad, and is easier to make than you might think! This recipe is a great one to try.

We hope this post has given you plenty of ideas about how to craft your perfect picnic. Depending on how adventurous you are, you could even go all out and create a picnic around a theme; making sure all of your food, drink, crockery and other accessories scream something like Alice in Wonderland.

Let your imagination run wild!

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