Pancakes Three Ways

Pancakes Three Ways

Valentine’s Day has been and gone – whether you loved it or loathed it, here’s a day we can ALL get on board with…whether you’re in a relationship or not, Pancake Day!

We’ve been scouting the internet for three of our favourite pancake recipes for our lovely tombola times’ readers.

Strawberry and coconut pancakes with balsamic dressing


We love this idea from the Capture by Lucy blog, which is inspired by the colours of the anemone flower. Lucy starts by making a fairly simple pancake mixture (using 1 egg, half a pint of milk and four heaped tablespoons of flour). During the frying process, she then throws in some chopped strawberries and a sprinkling of desiccated coconut, replicating some of the flower’s beautiful colours. She then finishes off the pancakes with a drizzle of balsamic and a dusting of icing sugar – delicious!

You can read the details of the full process here.

Fluffy buckwheat pancakes with caramelised ginger peaches (gluten free)


A growing number of people are opting for a gluten-free diet, so we wanted to include this mouth-wateringly good recipe from Kathryn’s blog, London cakes. One of our favourite things about these pancakes is that they’re freezable, so you can make a big batch and heat them, up wherever you want! For the peaches, simply heat the sugar and ginger in a small frying pan before adding the sliced peaches. Once they’re softened, you’re ready to rock and roll!

Get the full gluten-free pancake recipe here.

Bacon and banana pancake strips with smoked chilli honey


If you fancy doing something really different this pancake day, then look no further! This unusual recipe from Karen at the Lavender and Lavage blog mixes sweet and savoury flavours to create a tantalisingly tasty treat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The recipe involves frying the bacon separately at the start, before pouring the mixture on top. The banana pancakes are then done separately, so if someone isn’t keen on the idea of mixing the two, they don’t have to!

For the full run-down of how she did it, check out the blog post here.

Will you be frying up a storm this Pancake Day? Perhaps you have a preferred recipe that you’d like to share, or perhaps you’ll be trying out one of the above? Let us know!

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