And the Nation’s Favourite Valentine’s Gift is…

And the Nation’s Favourite Valentine’s Gift is…

Everybody has their own opinion about Valentine’s Day. Some see it as a lovely opportunity to spend much-needed time alone with their partner, while others think that the love publicly expressed on February 14th should, in fact, not be reserved for a single day.

It isn’t just the day itself that causes a difference in opinion, however, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is something that varies for people all over the country. So, to find out once and for all what the men and women of the UK would most like for the big day, here at tombola bingo carried out a soppy survey! We received hundreds of responses, which revealed a range of interesting preferences…

Men are from Mars

While one in five of our male respondents did tell us that their Valentine’s gift of choice would be a night between the sheets, their most popular present was a good deal less naughty! A third of men voted for having a romantic weekend getaway, while one in four would love nothing more than an evening at their favourite restaurant.

What stands out to the old romantics here at tombola, is just how focused male responses to our survey were on shared experiences. Rather than hoping for a present that only they themselves could enjoy, like a bottle of cologne or a piece of jewellery, they opted for intimate things that they could do with their partner.

Women are from Venus

When it comes to l’amour, the female of the species is all about traditional gestures of romance. One in three of our female respondents said that a special weekend getaway would be there ideal Valentine’s gift, while 32% were content with receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers or a handwritten card.

Contrary to popular stereotypes, chocolates may not be the way to your partner’s heart after all, with just 3% of women craving a box, while only 1% wanted a bottle of their favourite perfume. It looks like predictable gifts probably aren’t going to impress!

The final verdict

After totting up the final results, it became clear that men and women don’t differ as much as we might think… one third of all of the people we surveyed said that their favourite Valentine’s gift is a weekend getaway. It seems that although we all have our preferences when it comes to physical gifts, it’s the time alone with your other half that we all find the most valuable – perhaps we aren’t on different planets after all!

Second choice for our couples was an evening at their favourite restaurant, with almost one in five of them voting in favour of a candlelit dinner. And finally, despite only a few men being partial to a bunch of flowers, the popularity of this pungent gift remains strong with women, meaning it finished third in our survey overall.

What do you think of our results? Would you choose something completely different as your favourite Valentine’s gift? Let us know using the comment box below!

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