The Most Memorable Moments of the Loose Women Series so Far

The new Loose Women series has certainly been an eventful one, and things are showing no signs of slowing down in 2015. Before we run away with ourselves though, let’s cast our minds back to the start of the new series and ask: what are the most memorable Loose Women moments so far?

When they talked auto-maintenance…

The Loose Women ladies always appear glamorous and polished when we’re watching them on our TV sets at home, so envisaging them attempting to change a tyre can prove quite difficult! This is exactly what happened, however, when BBC News presenter Emily Maitlis tweeted a picture of herself changing a tyre, prompting Ruth Langford to ask her fellow panellists how they would go about changing one themselves.

When they talked about being grumpy…

After a survey revealed that women spend ten days a year in a bad mood, the Loose Women panellists compared notes on grumpiness and what it is that really grinds their gears. Ruth was incredibly honest, admitting that Eamonn would probably consider her to be grumpy more than ten days a week, never mind a year! The survey also revealed, rather interestingly, that the main reasons behind women’s bad moods were down to their partners, leading the ladies to reveal what really gets their goat!

When they talked about the royal arrival…

We can’t very well exclude this one from our list of memorable moments. In the very first week of the new show’s launch, the country had just heard about the Duchess of Cambridge’s second pregnancy – an announcement that caused much excitement up and down the country. Kate was forced to announce her news early, due to her acute morning sickness, which got the ladies talking about the best time to announce that you’re expecting.

When they talked to Lynda, in her final interview…

Having been diagnosed with terminal cancer and making the brave decision to stop her treatment, the Loose Women panel warmly welcomed Lynda Bellingham for the final time before her death. In a poignant interview, Lynda discussed coming to terms with death – a topic she explores in her book, There’s Something I’ve Been Dying to Tell You.  After receiving an overwhelming number of messages of support, Lynda also expressed her gratitude to everyone who showed their support for what she was doing. Since her passing, we’ve no doubt that this will be a moment that the Loose Women panellists will treasure forever, as will her adoring fans.

There’s certainly been some ups and downs for the Loose Women panel since the start of the new series, and 2015 will no doubt be just as jam-packed. What would you like to see on the show next year? Drop us a line and let us know.

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