Meat-Eaters: What gets your Goat?

There are just as many food trends as there are fashion trends, with things like avocado, quinoa and kale having a serious moment. But this week, Ruth Langsford brought a whole new food fad to the panel’s attention…

“I have to say, sorry to any vegetarians out there, but goat is the in thing to eat, apparently,” she told the other ladies. “Britain is one of the few places in the world where we don’t eat goat, so, would you?”

Gloria Hunniford was quick to chip in with an amusing goat-based anecdote:

“Well, last year a friend of mine – we were having Christmas dinner together and she said, ‘Would you like a French Christmas dinner or an English one?’ And I said, ‘What is a French one?’ and she said, ‘Goats head’!”

Needless to say, this caused a few shocked gasps to emerge from the crowd!

“… we had turkey,” Gloria matter-of-factly concluded.

Despite being a big fan of creamy goat’s cheese and a slightly more acquired taste, goat’s milk, Gloria told the Loose Women panel that she “could not eat goat consciously.”

“Why?” Ruth Langsford asked. “You eat chicken, beef, lamb – a lovely little roast lamb for Easter.”

“Well, it’s just psychological really. I read something in the paper the other day where Mary Berry said that she wouldn’t eat horse meat, and consciously I would never order horse meat from a menu either.”

Whatever goes for Mary Berry, goes for us, we say, but we must admit, Jane Moore made us start to think twice when she revealed that her own culinary tastes were a little more adventurous…

“Like you say, it’s psychological, isn’t it? I’ve had goat curry in the Caribbean – it was nice! In Marakesh though, I saw that they had goat’s head soup in the main square. There it was kind of, bubbling away, and it put me off a bit.”

Linda Lusardi, the ladies’ guest panellist, was quick to agree (as were we!):

“Well I don’t think I’d want to eat the head of anything! I wouldn’t want sheep’s head or goat’s!”

“But would you eat goat? Roast goat?” Ruth asked.

“Yeah – to me it’s no different than a sheep. If you eat meat why do you distinguish between different animals?”

“People seem to be very squeamish now, don’t they?”

What do you think? Are you open to trying new foods? Or is goat just a step too far for your more traditional taste buds? Let us know!

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