Lucky and Unlucky Numbers from Around the World

Do you have a lucky number? Do you avoid the number 13 like the plague? If you are superstitious don’t be embarrassed, lots of people around the world are— we just don’t always agree on what constitutes a lucky number.

For example in China, Korea, and Japan the number four is unlucky because it’s associated with death (yikes)! Mostly luck (or lack-there-of) is affected by cultural or linguistic factors, and so you tend to see similarities in lucky numbers between clusters of countries that share a cultural or linguistic history.

Every culture is characterised in some way by the symbolism of various different numbers. Whilst this can clearly be seen between different cultures it can also differ from individual regions. The most cited reason for this symbolism is the passing down of traditions which have stood the test of time and can be seen within our societies today.

unlucky lucky numbers infographic

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