Lucky Stars – Celebrities & Superstitions

Remember our survey about the superstitions of the nation? We discovered that you are a cautious lot, giving significance to everything from knocking on wood to itchy palms. But it isn’t just members of the public who subscribe to superstitions and carry good luck charms, a whole host of celebrities do too!

From strange rituals to bizarre precautions, some of our most well-known celebrities carry their own ideas about what will bring them good or bad luck, and appear to be just as superstitious as your average Joe. Here are some of the most weird and wonderful superstitions of the stars.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan (Shutterstock)

Staying true to sports stars’ reputations as extra superstitious, Michael Jordan had a little quirk that he’d employ to bring him luck during his games – he would always play with his old North Carolina shorts on under his uniform.






Serena Williams

The theme of superstition across the sporting community continues in the tennis world. Serena Williams has three main rituals that she carries out to ensure that her matches go smoothly. She wears the same pair of shower sandals before each match, double checks her shoelaces before each match, and bounces the tennis ball five times before every serve.






Gary Lineker

Footballers are perhaps some of the most superstitious sportspeople around, with players from teams across the globe carrying out rituals before, and even during a game. Take Gary Lineker – in his playing days he would change his shirt if there were no goals during the first half of a match.








Meat Loaf CC by Christopher Simon is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Not one to take his rock star image too seriously, Meatloaf has readily admitted that he owns a large collection of teddy bears. His two favourites, Marietta and Mandy, must travel with him wherever he goes, or he simply won’t make the journey!



Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba CC by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Jessica Alba harbours much graver superstitions. Whilst pregnant, she asked the guests at her baby shower to wear specially made leather bracelets which were engraved with a prayer. She told them not to take them off until her daughter was born, in case their removal brought about bad luck or harm to her baby.


Axl Rose

Axl Rose is another rock legend who takes his superstitions very seriously, so much so in fact that, because he believes the letter M is cursed, he won’t play concerts in any city whose name begins with it.





Benicio Del Toro

As with 62% of our survey respondents, Benicio Del Toro believes in the power of knocking on wood. So much so, in fact, that he wears a custom-made ring containing not a precious stone, but a piece of wood. “What I like is that I can knock on wood anytime,” he says of his good luck charm.







Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum is well-known for carrying around a pouch of her baby teeth for good luck. She told Jay Leno in 2008 that she does this because she didn’t have a tooth fairy when growing up in Germany, and that they are her lucky teeth.

So there you have it, even ‘the beautiful people’ have their quirks and strange superstitions.

Do you have a superstition, ritual or good luck charm to rival any of these?


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