Lara bakes a tasty Paul O’Grady cake!

You might find yourself wanting a tasty treat after watching The Paul O’Grady show, which is on your screens at 5pm this Friday, 26th May, on Channel ITV1.

We all know Paul O’Grady is a talented chap but we have a talented bunch of people working at tombola too. Lara Clarke, owner of Tasty Cakes, is also a Chat Moderator at tombola, aka fizzyfish, and is on mission to create outstanding cakes, and they really are epic! Lara is getting a name for herself creating real life replicas of people made out of cake. Last December, she even won an award for her real size Jack Sparrow cake!

Jack Sparrow Cake

Lara has now created a cake of Paul O’Grady’s head which will be presented at the start of the show.

Paul OGrady Cake

After seeing this creation, you’ll agree that Lara is one talented lady. Lara even catered for Olga, Paul O’ Grady’s beloved dog – one half of the cake is for her and the other half is lemon sponge! So we’re pretty sure you’ll either have a belly full of laughs watching the show, or a belly full of grumbles!

Paul O Grady

You may have come across Lara on This Morning after she made, and presented, both Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield with cake sculptors.

Lara in action

We’re really proud to have Lara as part of team tombola and we’re looking forward to seeing what wonderful creations she comes up with next. You can see her work and follow Tasty Cakes on Facebook. You might even get a little inspiration of your own or treat yourself to your very own tasty cake!

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