Lady Luck knocks on the Door of Burns Victim

A burns victim who defied all odds to survive a tragic accident is today celebrating scooping an online bingo jackpot; the latest tale of luck in her life of changing fortunes.

Suzanne Thomson, who 15 years ago lay in a coma for ten days and suffered terrible burns after her leaking gas cooker exploded in her face, was playing bingo 90 on tombola bingo the UK’s most-played online bingo game. The 45 year old from Croydon in Surrey, who often finds it difficult to leave the house in extreme cold or hot weather due to her burns, looked on stunned as her numbers dropped, scooping more than £13,000!

Sue said: “I have been playing on for two years and won a few small bits and pieces in that time. But when I saw my numbers come up, I started shaking like a leaf. I screamed to my husband and he couldn’t believe it either! The chat room went completely berserk, everyone started congratulating me, and people from other chat rooms even came in to celebrate. I always play in the Brown Room, I love chatting to everyone in there. “I was a single mother at the time of the gas explosion and my family were so supportive during the whole ordeal. My twin sister even offered some of her skin to use in the skin grafts. The first person I called after I won on online at tombola was my mum, who was on holiday at the time and, bless her, she said it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.”

When asked what she plans to do with the winnings, Sue remarked:  “For the time being, I think I will hold on to the money because it’s the sensible thing to do. Eventually, I’ll treat myself to a new car or even a new conservatory. It’s so important to keep believing, and not let terrible things hold you back.”

Susanne Kennedy, Customer relationship manager for tombola bingo, said: “What a truly remarkable woman. She is inspirational and her story is a lesson to us all. I am so glad that has been able to contribute to her good fortunes.“Our players deem themselves just normal people but so many have remarkable stories. We’re thrilled we’ve now become just a small part of Sue’s incredible tale.”

Sue suffered terrible facial scarring and lost eight fingers in the blast and had grown used to living with the stigma of facial disfigurement. But in 2002, her life was once again changed forever when she met the love of her life, Nash, whom she married in 2004. In 2006, Sue gave birth, against all odds, to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, Jermaine. Following the accident, Sue was prone to periodic blindness in both eyes and the blood thinning drugs she was given to prevent clots contaminated her blood with several antibodies. It meant that during pregnancy she needed frequent injections in her stomach.

It was during her recovering in hospital that Sue met a lady Polly who had been in the Bali bombing along with her husband Dan. He sadly died as a result of his burns and Polly set up a charity called Dan’s Fund for Burns, for which Sue now does voluntary work and talks with burns victims in the Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

She said: “Coming to terms with burn scars is so difficult, especially for women, who are judged by the way they look and often find it difficult to show their changed face to the world. I tell them my story and try to make them understand that when life seems terrible there are good times around the corner if you keep looking.”

When asked what she looks forward to in the future, Sue adds: “I now look forward to every new day. I want to stay happy and healthy, and hope that my children do well in life….It would be nice to win another online jackpot on tombola too!”

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