John Lewis Christmas Ads through the Years

Over recent years, the John Lewis ads have become an iconic part of Christmas, warming our hearts and capturing our imagination. We have taken a look at the history of the John Lewis Christmas ads, to see how things have changed since their first broadcast in 2007.

2014: ‘Monty The Penguin’

This year, they’ve pulled it out of the bag again. Monty the penguin features in what is likely to be the nation’s favourite Christmas ad this year. The track, Real Love, performed by Tom Odell, was originally written by John Lennon, and echoes the concept shown in the ad. We feel that it could be the best one yet.

2013: ‘The Bear and the Hare’

Taking on the ‘once upon a time’ approach, this story of friendship between a bear and a hare was sound tracked by Lily Allen’s cover of Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. The beautifully thought-out concept, results in the bear being able to share Christmas with his friends, rather than alone in hibernation.

2012: ‘The Journey’

Dougal Wilson took on the challenge in 2012 and he certainly didn’t fail to disappoint. The haunting soundtrack, The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood was sung by Gabrielle Aplin, and really sets the tone of this ad. It takes a lot for a snowman to bring a tear to your eye, but they really cracked it with this one.

2011: ‘The Long Wait’

The Long Wait really tugged on the nation’s heartstrings. The ad shows a young boy’s frustration as he clock-watches on the approach to Christmas. The unexpected twist, however, comes when he runs past his own presents so that he can give his gift to his parents. (Awwwww!)

2010: ‘A Tribute to Givers’

Planning for Christmas can be one of the most exciting aspects – wrapping the presents, finding a good hiding place and making sure nothing is given away. You really get a sense of this from John Lewis’ 2010 ad, which is accompanied by a beautiful cover of Elton John’s Your Song by Ellie Goulding.

2009: ‘Sweet Child of Mine’

We all remember how magical Christmas seemed to be when we were children, and this ad really manages to capture that sense of excitement and wonder. The Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine was covered by Taken by Trees, and manages to make the song as sentimental as the advert.

2008: ‘From Me to You’

For Christmas 2008, the theme of giving was still at the forefront, with thoughtfulness being an underlying message.  As if the ad itself wasn’t sweet enough, John Lewis made the Beatles cover, From Me to You, available for download from their website, encouraging people to donate to the Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Foundation.

2007: ‘Shadows’

Do you remember the very first John Lewis ad? Having become so popular, it’s hard to believe that they only started in 2007. Simple and effective, the ad really captures the spirit of Christmas, as people proudly present their gifts one by one. Directed by Michael Gracey, this really set an elegant and clever tone for the years that followed.

What do you think of the new John Lewis ad? Is it better than the others, or is there and advert from years gone by that better captures the spirit of Christmas? Either way, we’d like to know – drop us a comment in the box below.

Image credit: Jenny downing / Flickr

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  1. all great 2013 n 2012 were great

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