Jo Creates a Monsoon Indoors!

Jo Gray is a lady with a fascinating story and that story looks like, despite a challenging condition, it could be a happy one thanks to her latest employer.

Jo, who is agoraphobic, has not been outside her own house, other than in her garden or briefly in the front street, for sixteen years She lives in Silksworth, Sunderland with her partner Wilf, and her two grown up sons, Nick and Ryan. Over the years Jo has held down a series of careers, all from her home office.

She is now however, finally in the job of her dreams at the age of 56. Having joined as a chat room moderator she was monitoring the gaming chat rooms on the online bingo website. Known as CM Monsoon to the team and players, Jo has now progressed to the role of team leader and looks after a team of 60 home based chat room moderators all employed by the company.

Jo, whose life has changed since she discovered the internet, said: “I tried a number of careers from home including designing websites and airbrushing photography, but they were all lonely pursuits. In my role at I have really found my niche and a social aspect to my life that was sorely missing.

“I even do my shopping online, or Wilf does it in the local supermarket on his own, I am that worried about going out. But now I am such a part of the team at, I am really starting to want to venture out to their social gatherings although I have yet to actually do it, I hope one day I will.

“Not many companies would involve someone with my condition to the degree that Susanne Kennedy, my manager at has, and it has made such a difference to my life – I have friends outside of these four walls with everyday lives that I am now involved in.”

Jo’s role involves her monitoring and mentoring the chat moderator team, drawing up rota’s, creating systems and managing the online office.

Susanne Kennedy, manager, said: “We have absolutely no problem having meetings at Jo’s house as she is such a big part of the team and is vital to the day to day running of the site. She is often found in the pink room, which is a great place to have an alternative girls’ night out, chatting with friends online from the comfort of your own home and speaking to people from all walks of life, many with a story of their own.

“As an employer the main thing that is important to us is that people can do the job well and fit in and work well as a team – we love the fact that Jo feels part of the tombola family and hope that she will be with us for a very long time. We are in fact looking to create another 30 jobs over the next 3 months, so it’s likely that CM Monsoon’s team will be growing rapidly!”

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