Jackpot Win Means Journey of a Lifetime for Local Family

Online jackpot winner, Susan Cook of Clayton in Orton Goldhay, Peterborough is planning to take her children abroad for the first time after coming up trumps on tombola, the UKs most popular online Bingo website.

The 34 year old, who scooped almost £16,000 playing the Bingo 90 game on tombola, is still in a state of shock. Susan describes the moment she won:

“I had a spare half an hour mid-morning, so I decided to jump online and play a quick game of Bingo 90. I put on my last line and left the room to make a cuppa. I returned and was about to switch off the computer, when I noticed £15,762 sitting in my account

“I was absolutely gob smacked! I rang my husband, Stuart, at work and he couldn’t believe it either. I rang tombola bingo, who confirmed that indeed I had hit the jackpot.” In current economic climate even a holiday in the UK seems a luxury, but the tombola win means that Susan and her husband, Stuart, can splash out and treat their children to a holiday abroad for the first time. Susan, who is a factory supervisor in Peterborough, says:

Player set for sunny shores with her win!

Lano Beach CC by NeilsPhotography is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Shelby who is ten years old has flown once, and our five year old, Samuel has never been on an plane at all. Neither of them have been overseas before, so they can’t wait for the school holidays to arrive so that they can fly away to foreign shores to enjoy the beach and the sunshine. All we have to do now is decide where to go!” The Cook’s who are due to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary in September are also planning to treat themselves to a brand new kitchen. The family are also hoping to buy a new car with their winnings.

tombola.co.uk hands out more than £3m in prizes to its players every week, which is one of the reasons it is the most popular online bingo website in the UK. Suzanne Kennedy, customer relationship manager for tombola said: “I am so glad that tombola has been able to contribute to this family’s good fortunes. We hope that they have a fabulous holiday and enjoy many a happy meal together in their new kitchen!”

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