Jackpot Win Means Journey Across the Pond

An online bingo player from Hampshire will soon be up in the air after winning a jackpot prize on tombola, the UK’s biggest bingo site.

Sally Tannock, hit the big time and booked a two week adventure to the USA with her son after scooping £20,000 playing the Cinco game on tombola.

Sally’s amercian tour will not only take her to the Big Apple – New York City but Sally will also visit the capital city Washington DC and Philadelphia, then travel north to Boston and finally the breath taking Niagara Falls in Canada. The 56 year old, describes the moment she won,

“At first I didn’t realise that I had won as I was busy putting the kettle on. When I realised I had the first four cards on one line I thought I was in with chance of winning maybe £50. I screamed so loudly my husband came running to see what was up”.

“As soon as I won the jackpot prize I booked my holiday for the 19th July to New York. I’ve been to New York before and I absolutely loved it. I’m going to do a spot of shopping in Manhattan and do all the sightseeing like visiting The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.”

Player books holiday to New York

Player books holiday to America with her jackpot win!

£3 million in cash prizes is won each week, which is one of the reasons why tombola is Britain’s biggest bingo site. Dawn Clayton, Head of Marketing for tombola said:

“The atmosphere when someone wins a jackpot is incredible and we love to hear their story of when they won. Sally has booked an amazing adventure and is very excited for this dream getaway. I’m sure she and her son will have a fantastic time.”

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