Holidays with a Twist: How to Spice up your Summer Holidays


We look forward to our summer jollies all year round, planning in advance, picking our destination and starting the countdown. Sometimes we need a holiday that’s just that little bit different to add some spice to our summer, so we asked bloggers to give us their best twists to make our trips that extra bit special.

A forest escape



A change of scenery does wonders for the soul, what with getting away from it all, relaxing and spending quality time with ourselves or our friends and family. It isn’t always about heading out of the country to far-flung climates though, there are many locations on offer in the UK where you can take stock without the added pressure of travelling too far. Take a leaf out of Matthew Pike, of the Buckets and Spades blog’s book, who visited the very beautiful Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. He and his girlfriend spent their holiday exploring the vast woodland trails and enjoying home-cooked meals, with a glass or two of red.

Getting onto the water


Travelling by boat can be a great way to get around when on holiday. Taking in the sea air and opting for a route that’s out of the ordinary is sure to satisfy your craving for adventure. Becky from The Girl and Globe took the opportunity to explore the Channel Islands, just off the southern coast of California, by kayak, taking in the marine sanctuary surrounding the islands within the national park. If you love wildlife, this is an ideal activity to be able to see nature at its finest.

House swap


We’re not always looking to book holidays that are amazingly daring, but why not opt for alternative accommodation to mix it up? Airbnb offers you the chance to move away from more traditional hotels by essentially providing a ‘house swap.’ As you browse an array of apartments and houses, the site offers you the option to “borrow” a whole apartment for the duration of your travels or a single room within a home. The décor in locations such as New York, Berlin, Paris and Ibiza will make you want to sell up your own home and move there forever!

Walking holiday


Heaven forbid we mention exercise in the same sentence as the word ‘holiday’, but a walking trip can be a breath of fresh air for those who lead an active lifestyle and are looking for an alternative voyage of discovery. A favourite trip of Heather at Heather on her Travels is The Tour de Mont Blanc. Completed over ten days, the trip covers mountain hikes and picturesque views – a back to basics adventure with dorm-style accommodation and hearty evening meals after the lengthy walks. This is not a trip for those looking to experience the height of luxury, but an achievement at the finish line nonetheless.



Inter-railing is a particularly popular way to get around Europe, hopping on and off trains at each destination. Anna from Global Gallivanting described her travel experience as a perfect introduction to backpacking. Starting in the Spanish city of Barcelona, Anna and her companions travelled to Germany, Croatia, the south of France, Italy, Hungary and many more, taking in the historical and cultural sites of each location. If you’re looking to throw caution to the wind for your next holiday, look into buying an inter-rail pass for the freedom of exploring during a spontaneous adventure.

Are you a creature of habit or do you love to try something new each year? Send us your comments!

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