Hey Big Spender!

With the news that Viv Nicholson – winner of £152,000 on ‘the pools’ in 1961 – had passed away recently, it wasn’t long before talk turned to big spending on this week’s Loose Women.

Viv became an overnight celebrity following her win (a cool £3.5 million in today’s money!) and vowed to “spend, spend, spend,” which she and husband Keith did in just three years! But were the Loose Women willing to be as frivolous with their winnings?

“No-one would know,” Jane Moore swiftly told Ruth Langsford. “I’m such a sensible knickers. I would save and quietly buy property-”

“Would you tell your husband?” Coleen Nolan interjected.

“Certainly not!” joked Jane, to plenty of laughter from the audience and her fellow panellists! But it wasn’t long before talk turned a little more serious again…

“Nobody outside would know at all that I’d won any money, because I think that it alters your friends’ attitudes to you,” Jane added. “I think that it alters your family’s attitude. And then you get the begging letters. No.”

If you’re like the tombola team, and are a big fan of the television series The Syndicate, you’ll be able to sympathise with Jane’s reservations! Even Coleen was quick to agree that she wouldn’t like her winnings to get the better of her:

“I’d be like that and say no, I wouldn’t tell anyone. I’d just make sure that I looked after friends and family. But you know me, I’d just come in and go, ‘Guess what? I’m not going to see you after today!’”

“Don’t tell us you’d leave us if you won £3 million!” gasped Ruth Langsford, gripping her fellow panellist’s hand!

“Like that,” Coleen joked, snapping her fingers.

Guest panellist Kim Marsh had the most sensible head on her shoulders, telling the Loose Women that, “I’d probably put some aside to spend and some to save, that’s what I’d do.”

The same couldn’t be said of Ruth, who admitted that:

“I’d have a big spending spree to start with, otherwise there’s no point in doing the flipping ticket if you’re not going to enjoy it!”

We have to say, we agree! There’s nothing wrong with a little treat before saving for the future.

What would you do if you won big on the Lottery? Would you channel your inner Viv Nicholson and spend, spend, spend, or would you save it all for a rainy day?

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