What Gets You in a Grump? The Girls Share their Pet Hates

This week, the Loose Women have been discussing recent survey results revealing that women spend around 10 days a year in a bad mood. The study, which sought views from 1,000 women and 1,000 men, found that around four in 10 women felt their moods had worsened as they aged.

Ruth Langsford admits that the figure seemed like an underestimation:

“My husband says I’m grumpy ten days a week.”

According to the results, it seems Eamonn wouldn’t be the only one who would question this figure, with the majority of men surveyed reporting that the women in their lives were grumpy “closer to eight hours a week”.

However more than a quarter of women said that partners were often the cause of bad moods, with irritation at partners who ‘weren’t listening’ featuring high up on the list of common triggers. Other popular peeves include being overweight, not having enough money and bad weather.

Nadia Sawalha agrees that feeling overweight can have a negative effect on mood:

“The worst one for me is that fat feeling day, when you just feel unloved by yourself, You haven’t exercised, your hair looks rubbish… I get even more grumpy with myself when I get grumpy about that, because it’s so shallow but I can’t help it. It puts me in a mood all day.”

For Coleen Nolan, the little things can wipe a smile from her face:

“When I get home and everyone’s been there all week… and nobody’s bought any toilet paper.”

Nadia agrees, adding that it also gets on her nerves when people don’t replace the old cardboard with a new roll.

“Or when they use the last of something and don’t write it on the shopping list or put the empty box back in the cupboard!” Ruth chimes in.

Jane Moore suggests that being grumpy mightn’t be such a bad thing. In her house, it’s all about taking the rough with the smooth:

“I’m married to a grump as well, but what we do is, I just say to him: ‘I’m feeling a bit grumpy today, it’s nothing to do with you,’ and he says the same to me and that’s fine… as long as you don’t look like you’re being grumpy towards the other person.”

Do you share any of the Loose Women’s pet hates? Maybe there’s something else that really gets you in a grump? Whatever it is, we want to hear it. Tell us what cheeses you off most in the comment box below.

 Image credit: Andrew Roberts / Flickr

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