What Is In The Food Lover’s Ultimate Store Cupboard?

kitchen store cupboard
If you love to cook and love to eat, your kitchen cupboard likely resembles a treasure chest: a carefully-chosen assortment of your favourite jars, bottles and other prized ingredients.

Brands and ingredients are very personal choices – but which of them do you value most highly? Are you crazy about Maldon Sea Salt or devoted to Halen Mon? Do you have a number one favourite brand of extra virgin olive oil?

At tombola bingo we have created this survey to find out which store cupboard essentials are absolute must haves for our nation’s food lovers.

Here is the challenge:

What are the 10 store cupboard items you wouldn’t be without?

Let us know by completing the survey below. We have listed some of the products used by chefs and cooks around the country, to start you off. However there is also plenty of space to list your personal favourites, if they aren’t included here.

Remember: you can only pick 10!

NOTE: our survey to discover the ingredients and products inside the Ultimate Store Cupboard has now closed. We are currently compiling the results and will announce them on tombola times in the coming weeks – so watch this space.

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  2. carole mcdonald // November 13, 2014 at 2:16 pm // Reply

    The ultimate food lovers store cupboard contains items that make a good home cooked fresh meal more professional.

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