Five Ingenious Ironing Hacks

Ingenious Ironing Hacks  for Clothes

Ironing: there’s a reason they call it a ‘chore’, isn’t there? It’s nobody’s idea of a fun night in. Although we can’t promise to change that, we can certainly reduce the time you spend on this mind-numbing and relentless rigmarole.

Here are five ironing hacks that will cut down your time spent at the ironing board and improve your results whilst you’re at it…

Double the heat

Why not double your heat and half your work? By putting a piece of aluminium foil underneath the ironing board cover, you’re reflecting the heat, meaning that the garment is effectively being ironed from both sides!

Throw the towel in

Cuffs and sleeves can be one of the most difficult parts to iron – especially on a shirt! Sometimes, it may look as though you’ve ironed out all the creases, but then turning the garment over reveals a crumpled sea of fabric on the other side. This is a problem solved by rolling up a hand towel up and placing it into the sleeve (like a wrist). You can then iron your cuffs into a nice, rounded shape.

Eyes down

If you have delicate bits on your garment, such as eyelets or embroidery, you’ll want to avoid these being flattened by the direct heat of the iron. If you place a thick towel underneath and ensure the detailed sections are facing down, this should avoid any damage or distortion to the detail.

Scale it down

All of your time spent cleaning and ironing can be wasted if your iron has excess limescale (which often reveals itself by spitting itself out onto clean garments)! To avoid this problem, fill the iron with white vinegar before turning on the steam setting for ten minutes. Once the iron is cooled, pour away the loosened limescale residue and vinegar. Make sure you rinse it out with boiling water afterwards to remove any lingering vinegar.

Iron Less

It might sound bizarre, but sometimes you simply iron items of clothing because of habit. Think first – does this really need ironing, or will the creases fall out after ten minutes on a hanger? If you hang things up neatly when you’re drying them, this can also reduce your need for ironing. You can even go as far as to stop buying clothes that heavily rely on ironing, such as linens. Finally, if you’re still ironing underpants – stop. Right now.

Hopefully these five hacks will iron out any plights you may have once had with this tedious household chore, making your tasks around the house run a little bit… smoother.

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