Five of Our Favourite Moments from the Jonathan Ross Show

Five Favourite Moments From The Jonathan Ross Show

If you have been tuning into Loose Women, you’ll no doubt have seen Jonathan Ross pay a visit to talk about the upcoming seventh series of his ITV talk show, The Jonathan Ross Show. The first episode sounds set to be winner, featuring appearances from comedian Steve Carell, natural history legend David Attenborough, X Factor judges Mel B and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and Scottish songster Paulo Nutini.

These aren’t the only exciting stars to have graced Wossy’s sofa either. He has interviewed everyone from Danny Dyer to Helen Mirren, racking up some hilarious best bits in the process. Here are five of our favourites!

Tom Hanks relives Big

When we heard that Tom Hanks was due to appear on the show, we only hoped that a rendition of Chopsticks would be on the cards. Jonathan didn’t disappoint, unveiling a cleverly camouflaged foot piano that Tom played as if he had shot his iconic film, Big, only yesterday. Even fellow guest Sandra Bullock joined in, high heels and all!

David Attenborough introduces Jonathan to a scorpion

Since Sir David will be featuring in the first episode of the new series of The Jonathan Ross Show, we thought it only fitting that we include this brilliant moment in our top five. After revealing a box containing a huge scorpion, David gingerly watched Jonathan take hold of the animal’s tail before bravely placing it on the back of his hand. He wasn’t so fearless when it came to picking it up again though!

Ewan McGregor gets up close and personal

We all know that Ewan McGregor is comfortable enough in his sexuality to play gay roles, and if necessary, go stark naked for his films! The question is: is Jonathan Ross? Ewan decided to find out by borrowing some lipstick from fellow guest, Tulisa, and planting a great big smacker right on Wossy’s lips!

Liam Neeson’s dramatic rendition of ‘Boyfriend’

What’s better than Liam Neeson’s gruff, commanding, action film voice? Liam Neeson’s gruff, commanding, action film voice when it’s being used to recite Justin Bieber lyrics! We still can’t stop laughing at the moment when the actor was asked to read out the lyrics to ‘Boyfriend’ as dramatically as possible, with a little help from Clare Balding, of course.

Bear Grylls does a backflip

It’s no secret that we get less agile as we age, and Bear Grylls is no exception. During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, however, he stylishly put his host’s concerns about the fate of his television programmes to rest. In order to prove that he was still as fit as a fiddle, Bear decided to show off a newly acquired skill … a backflip!

Do you have a favourite moment, or indeed a favourite guest from past episodes of The Jonathan Ross Show?


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