Five Christmas Wrapping Hacks

As Christmas quickly approaches, you may be running around trying to get those final gifts for loved ones, or trying to make time to wrap the mountain of presents you’ve been ignoring between Christmas parties, festive food shops and yuletide catch-ups.

But if wrapping presents is one of those chores that has fallen by the wayside, fear not: the fact that this video has had more than 9 million views in two weeks shows that you definitely aren’t the only one doing some last-minute wrapping this year:

So if you’re finding your Christmas wrapping just a tad overwhelming, help is at hand with these last-minute wrapping hacks.

Family photo gift tags

Five Christmas Wrapping Hacks


As a variation on your usual Christmas tags, why not use family photographs to let the person know who it’s for? Have fun with the idea; they can be humorous, sentimental or from past Christmases. Team with brown paper and twine to really make the picture stand out.

Make Christmas bows from old magazines

Five Christmas Wrapping Hacks

If you’re always doing your Christmas wrapping last minute, you could have forgotten those all-important decorative items like festive bows. If that’s the case, grab a couple of magazines you’ve finished reading to make these pretty and easy Christmas bows. Any old paper can be used to create the bow. Date maps, wallpaper samples and last year’s wrapping paper can all be revamped. This simple tutorial will guide you through the creative process to ensure you’re presents are looking suitably decorative for family and friends, without the added cost.

Pompom present decorations

Five Christmas Wrapping Hacks


Taking you back to your childhood and those primary school craft lessons, a pompom is made using either a combination of coloured wool or choosing one block colour which is then wrapped around a circle of card. The wool is cut along the largest edge and a separate piece of wool is tied around the middle to keep the pompom secure.  Pompoms are an imaginative addition to any gift and can even be re-used as a festive garland.

Keep it together

Five Christmas Wrapping Hacks


A top tip for keeping together your odds and ends of wrapping paper is to upcycle a small cardboard tube. Cut the tube down one side and wrap it around those loose ends to keep them from unravelling. It really is that simple!

Woolly jumper gift bag

Five Christmas Wrapping Hacks

If you’ve grown out of a few of your old winter woollies, why not use them as a unique gift-wrapping idea? Jumper sleeves can be made into an inventive bottle bag for festive tipples by sewing together one end of the sleeve and tying a ribbon around the bottle neck. Go for festive-coloured ribbon to spruce up a plain jumper and add a pompom for decoration. As a naturally-stretchy garments, pre-loved knitted items can also be used to wrap boxes of goodies or be crafted into a gift bag for those awkwardly-shaped yuletide treats!

What are your top hacks for the festive period? Do you have any creative gift wrapping ideas that wow your friends and family each year? We’d love to know!

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