Chat Moderator to Cause a Ripple Globe Wide

Sunderland girl Jayne Usher this week set off to travel the world with her employer’s blessings, as long as she keeps up the good work wherever she is.

Chat Moderator Jayne, who is known as Ripple to her players on, has become addicted to travelling since graduating with a degree in Sociology from York University, and this is her third trip in two years.

Thanks to her job which offers her complete flexibility in location as long as she is armed with her laptop and internet access, she can afford to indulge in her globe-trotting passion.

Away for 10 months, the 24 year old will be putting in shifts from nine different countries ensuring that the players in the gaming rooms run by the online entertainment provider adhere to the rules, and enjoy themselves to the full.

CM Ripple worked for whilst travelling in Australia

CM Ripple worked for whilst travelling in Australia

Jayne said: “Without this job at I would not be able to see the world and the fact that I can keep working while I travel means that the money keeps coming in and that I still have contact with home, which when you are travelling on your own is very reassuring.

“I will be visiting Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, California and Mexico and look forward to regaling all the players with my travel tales as they happen.”

Jayne has been a chat moderator for two years now, having started when she was a student to fund her studies. Ideal for her lifestyle, the role pays well and will allow her to study for her masters on her return to the UK.

Susanne Kennedy manages the chat moderators at which is based in Sunderland. She said: “Ripple is a fabulous chat moderator and she has many players who only ever play in a room she is managing. When you find someone that good there is no reason why they cannot do their job from anywhere in the world….we are just happy she wants to keep working and keep her working relationship with the team and the players when she is in such glamorous places.”

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