A Change of Fortune Brightens Tammi’s Future

A couple of years ago, Tammi Paige’s life took a turn for the worse and she found herself in the eye of a storm of tragedies which brought her, and her family, nothing but sadness.

Now, her luck looks like it is changing as she has just scooped almost £20,000 on tombola bingo.

Tammi from Kennoway in Fife, has been dealt the worst possible fate in the last two years. Not only did her close friend commit suicide, but her brother-in-law also died in a diabetic coma. The real heartbreak started before that though, when her only nephew was diagnosed with leukaemia at just five months old. She recalls this sad time:

“My nephew, Cairan, was a beautiful little boy and has left behind a gaping hole in our lives. As the only members of our family with a car, we spent every waking hour at the hospital and were with him when he slipped away. He was only two years old when he died.”

The last straw for Tammi was when her husband, Scott, was in a horrendous car crash which left his legs severely damaged. They are now held together with plates and pins. At just 34 years old, Tammi is a full time carer for her four children and husband, who lost his job as a result of the car crash.

She has little time for herself, but every morning for the last couple of months, Tammi sits at her computer with a coffee and plays a couple of games of Bingo 90 on, before Scott and her children get out of bed. A few weeks ago, Tammi, like normal, sat at her computer, but realised she was out of coffee. She set a game of Bingo 90 in motion on tombola.co.uk and popped to the local shop. The news she faced upon her return has changed her life.

“My family woke up to the sound of my screams: my husband thought I had crashed the car and my 18 year old daughter, Shelby, thought someone had died. In fact, I’d hit the jackpot. I had almost £20,000 in my tombola account.

“I went straight to tombola’s Rollercoaster room, where I have so many friends and told them my news. They already knew and said that everyone was asking for me in Bingo 90. I felt terrible I’d missed everyone’s congratulations and went straight into Bingo 90 and thanked everyone for their kind words.

“After the initial euphoria of my win, I had to lie down! I think the exhaustion of the last couple of years finally took its toll. Now, a sense of financial relief means I can sleep much better.

”We have been struggling for so long now, and the win on tombola has helped dig us out a huge hole. Now I feel I can not only face the future, but look forward to living my life. I know that things can only get better.”

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