Do you know how to Change a Tyre?

This week on Loose Women, the panel discussed everything from the best way to resign to One Direction, but what really got our ladies talking was the subject of tyre changing.

After BBC News presenter Emily Maitlis tweeted a picture of herself changing a tyre, Ruth Langsford decided to ask her fellow presenters whether they too could do so, and indeed, whether they should be able to change a tyre themselves.

Ruth was quick to congratulate Emily on getting stuck in, declaring:

“Respect to her because I wouldn’t even know where to start! Can any of you do that?”

Jamelia and guest panellist, Trisha Goddard,were quick to say that yes, they could, with Jamelia even stating:

“I find it remarkable that people don’t know… I believe that women in particular should be able to do everything that a man can do. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re stuck.”

“I don’t want to do it though. That’s why I joined the RAC!” countered Ruth Langsford. A valid point that had the audience in stitches!

However, it seems that Jamelia’s tyre-changing positivity may have stemmed from a spot of gentle nurturing. She told her fellow Loose Women:

“My mum made a conscious effort. When I was about ten I remember my mum showing me how to use the dipstick and how to put stuff in.”

It was great to hear that her mother taught her such practical skills at an early age, especially when you take into account the research conducted by Intelligent Car Leasing (ICL) earlier this year. In a survey of 1000 18 – 25 year olds, 54.5 per cent of them didn’t know how to change a tyre.

It wasn’t just Jamelia and Trisha Goddard who revealed themselves as tyre-changing aficionados, however. Jane Moore did too, even if it’s only the case with certain cars…

“I can do it on old cars but I’m not sure about the modern ones with the hydraulics and this and that. You need an ‘ology to even know how to do it. But, rookie error there, Emily Maitlis: look where her leg is!”

Definite Brownie points there Jane! In the picture that Emily had tweeted, she did indeed have one of her legs under the body of the car – a definite no-no when the jack breaking is always a dangerous possibility.

Soon though, Trisha Goddard discovered that Emily’s problems could all have been solved with much less effort on her part:

“Who’s taking the picture? Why couldn’t they help her?”

Good point Trisha, good point.

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