Roller-Coaster Weekend

Never mind Blackpool’s ‘Big One’ or Alton Towers’s ‘Nemesis’. There is another rollercoaster in town: one with even more thrills, twists and turns than these famous adrenaline rides. We are, of course, talking about our very own game, ‘Roller-coaster’.

Fun, fast and complete with jackpots of up to £5,000, Roller-Coaster is about to become even more exciting… from Saturday 8th November until Sunday 9th November, between 8pm and 10pm, there will be £125 of guaranteed prizes up for grabs in every single game!

Buckle up for the ride of your life

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, our Roller-Coaster Weekend will give players even more opportunity to win themselves a fabulous prize. Simply go for a spin in one of up to four carriages – with each carriage costing just 25p – for the ride of your life!

Once you set off, all you need to do is fill your carriage with the first six bingo balls to win the £500 jackpot, or the first five bingo balls to win the £5,000 jackpot! And don’t forget to keep a sharp eye out for the other Roller-Coaster Weekend prizes.

One thing is for sure – we’re dizzy with excitement just thinking about it! If you are too, join in the fun on Roller-coaster bingo game.

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