Bingo Fan Says Bingo Jackpot Was ‘Perfect Timing’

An online bingo fan from Wellingborough is today celebrating after winning over £16,000 on tombola bingo, the UK’s favourite online bingo website.

And Kathy Bedfod says the win could not be better timed for her and partner, who has been unable to work for years due to suffering the agony of Fibromyalgia, a painful muscle condition.

Kathy, aged 44, who has only been playing on tombola bingo for a mere six weeks, was introduced to the bingo website by her former husband of 23 years and now partner again, Kevin. She describes the winning moment:

“Kevin and I were playing bingo 90; he was still showing me the ropes really. I popped into the kitchen to make a cuppa and Kevin continued to play the game for me. I got back to the computer to find that I only had one more number to get. When it appeared on screen I just couldn’t believe my eyes and literally jumped for joy!”

Kathy, who has two children and one grandchild, says the win couldn’t be better timed, as Kevin has been unable to work for a long time. Not only has he suffered from Fibromyalgia for over five years, he also lives with the daily pain of arthritis and as a result of which has been forced to undergo a neck operation.

Kathy explains his illness: “Kevin spends most days in a lot of pain. He has suffered for over five years with this now and it is getting worse. As the illness attacks his muscles, some days Kevin can’t make it out of bed and get to work.

“With Kevin being unable to work, the win couldn’t have come at a better time for us as it means we can breathe a sigh of relief financially. We are still hoping to treat ourselves to a few things, such as a new car, a holiday in Florida, and even leaving a little spare for spoiling our children and grandchildren.”

Every week, tombola bingo hands out more than £3m in prizes to its players, which is one on the reasons it is the most popular online bingo website in the UK. Suzanne Kennedy, customer relationship manager for said: “I am so glad that tombola has been able to contribute to Kathy and her family’s good fortunes. I cannot imagine the pain which Kevin must be suffering and am so pleased that his jackpot win has enabled them to look towards a much brighter future.”

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