Best Friend of the Year Finalists: Yvette and Edwin

Loose Women   08-06-2015.

Having announced the 12 finalists of our Best Friend of the Year competition, we’re keen for you to get to know them a little better. Here is a peek into how Yvette and Edwin became such good friends over the years, and why they deserve their place in the final:

Their story:

Yvette spent many of her childhood years in hospital, as a result of Perthes’ disease – a disorder of the developing hip joints that means the sufferer must have their legs enclosed in plaster. These ‘broomstick plasters’ join the legs together to hold the hips in place.

On Yvette’s first day at school, the assembly were asked if someone could look after Yvette, and Edwin was quick to volunteer. They went to junior, primary and secondary school together, and even now, they both volunteer together at The Pet Bereavement Support Group, where Yvette is the founder and treasurer and Edwin is chairman.

After 48 years of friendship, Yvette still sees Edwin as her “big brother from another mother”. They see each other on a daily basis, and live just 500 yards away from one another!

Edwin was thrilled to have been nominated by Yvette:

“We’ve been friends since we were six years old, so it’s really nice to get that recognition by making the final. Yvette is like extended family to me – I even call her mum and dad ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’!”

Yvette and Edwin will be spending National Best Friend’s Day in London, attending the Loose Women luncheon with 11 other lucky finalists.

Don’t forget to check back to tombola times to see the final winner, next week!

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