Best Friend of the Year Finalists: Sara and Rachel

Loose Women   08-06-2015.

Meet Sara and Rachel – another two of the 12 BFF finalists to have made the cut for our Best Friend of the Year competition. It’s time to find out what makes them such great friends!

Their story:

The pair first met aged 13, when Rachel was nominated to show Sara around Tennyson High School, Lincolnshire, on her first day.

From that moment, they were almost inseparable. Sara was even there for the birth of Rachel’s children.

There were two things that stood out when Sara nominated her friend for the Best Friend of the Year competition. Rachel was a huge support when Sara’s parents passed away within a year of one another, and when Sara broke her back abroad, Rachel was waiting for her at the airport on her return. She took her to hospital and, following her operation, cooked for her daily, despite having two young children and a business to run herself.

Sara moved to Bonnyrigg to live with her now-husband in January 2014, and a year to the day later, she went back down to Lincolnshire to help Rachel move up to join her! They now live just a mile and a half apart, and see one another practically every day.

In her competition entry, Sara says: “She is my rock and my soulmate. I would walk to the edge of the earth for her.”

When we asked her about how she felt to be in the final, she said:

“I couldn’t believe it when they rang to tell me I’d been shortlisted. It was one of those things that you do and then forget about, because you never expect to win it. It took a while to sink in. I hadn’t told my friend, so when I said I’d entered her for a competition and we’d gotten into the final, she couldn’t believe it.”

Keep an eye out for next week’s post detailing the exciting events at the Loose Women studio on Monday, and to find out who is the ultimate winner of Best Friend of the Year!

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