Best Friend of the Year Finalists: Lynsey and Becky

Loose Women   08-06-2015.

Next week, Lynsey and Becky will be among the 12 BFF finalists who will be sent down to meet the Loose Women for National Best Friend Day! Today, we wanted to share their story and tell you a little bit about how they came to be such good friends.

Their story:

Lynsey moved from the Isle of Man to Portsmouth as a child, meeting Becky when she was just three years old, when both of their mothers became friends. As they’ve grown up, they’ve grown even closer, and now they’ll rarely spend a day without either seeing each other, talking to each other, or squeezing in a Facetime conversation! Becky has been there for the birth of all of Lynsey’s children, and has stuck by her friend through some really tough times. The pair are heading off to Lanzarote soon, on Lynsey’s first holiday without her children, and they are also saving up for a trip to Vegas next year for Becky’s 45th birthday. Talk about an exciting calendar of events!

Lynsey is really looking forward to their London adventure:

“I just feel so excited and privileged to be one of the finalists. I said to myself this year I’d live life to the full, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

Stay tuned to find out who is crowned as the ultimate winner of tombola and Loose Women’s Best Friend of the Year competition, as well as get the scoop on all of the goings on from the Loose Women luncheon!

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