Best Friend of the Year Finalists: Katie and Danielle

Loose Women   08-06-2015.

The Best Friend Day luncheon is almost upon us, and to help you tombola times readers get to know the finalists who’ll be meeting the Loose Women, we’ve been introducing them over the course of the week. Today, we’re telling the story behind Katie and Danielle’s friendship, showing why this BFF duo are such deserving finalists.

Their story:

Katie and Danielle have been friends for over 20 years, and now both live in Plymouth after Katie moved there from Poole. Danielle has been a one in a million friend to Katie, especially throughout the past two years, when Katie separated from her husband and suffered a breast cancer scare. Danielle has always put everything on hold for her friend, travelling all the way from Plymouth to both York and Poole – some of the touching displays of support that prompted Katie to nominate her bestie for the award.

Katie said they couldn’t believe it when they got the call telling them they’d made the final:

“My best friend Danielle and I are really excited to be part of the Best Friend final, and can’t believe we’ve won the trip. We can’t wait to come down to London.”

Check back to tombola times next week to find out what happened when the girls met the Loose Women face-to-face, and don’t forget that we’ll also be announcing the winning finalist! Who do you think will take the crown as tombola’s Best Friend of the Year?

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