BAKED: Frostington Post Office

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you will have noticed that a certain tombola Chat Moderator became the talk of the nation! Yes, we are talking about our very own Lara Clarke (CM ‘fizzyfish’) and her life-sized cake likenesses of Katniss Everdeen and Tyrion Lannister.

It’s safe to say that the exhausting project hasn’t stopped Lara in her tracks, as she has now collaborated with a wonderful charity initiative called ‘Christmas in Frostington’. The project brings together talented bakers from around the world, who each created their own little piece of Frostington (seen above) before donating their how-tos and recipes, which are collected into downloadable booklets. Lara’s piece was the very cute post office you can see below, and it impressed us so much that we just had to collar her for one more interview.

tombola:Hi Lara, it’s safe to say that your cakes have impressed yet again! Is this the secret cake that you mentioned you were working on whilst crafting your creations for the Cake International Competition?

Lara Clarke: No, that was actually a life-sized replica of a Jaguar engine for the new engine plant which was opened by the queen last month. It was so surreal driving past all of the police who were guarding the various entrances. Even one of the engineers asked why one of the engines was off the shop floor and in our car, which was brilliant!

tombola: Wow! It looks incredible! We can see why you had to sign a confidentiality agreement. How did you get involved with Christmas in Frostington, then? It sounds like a lovely project.

Lara Clarke: Our organiser Samantha set up a similar project last year, and we raised over £8000, so when she asked me to be involved again this year I jumped at the chance.

tombola: Did you get to pick your own piece of the village to bring to life, or was it a complete surprise?

Lara Clarke: We were given a list and it was done on a first come, first served basis. I was originally going for the pub but was chuffed when I got my second choice… the post office. It’s a pity there was no bingo hall to choose!

tombola: It certainly is! We take it Frostington Post Office was slightly smaller than your six foot Katniss cake; how long did it take you to make?

Lara Clarke: Haha! Only slightly! This one was about 40cm tall… so much more manageable. I didn’t have to rearrange my furniture this time. The post office took me around six hours.

tombola: Did it undergo the same construction process used for your Cake International pieces?

Lara Clarke: As this one didn’t have to be gravity defying, it was a little easier, but still pretty much the same process.

tombola: Similar to how much easier it is to wrap square-shaped Christmas presents than strangely shaped ones, then! And speaking of Christmas, the finished product looks like it could feature on the front of a box of Christmas chocolates – are you a big lover of Christmas?

Lara Clarke: I absolutely adore Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year. I love everyone getting together and spending time together. I love coming home and putting the fire on and snuggling up on the sofa, and I love the food and movies.

tombola: Will you be baking anything for dessert on Christmas Day?

Lara Clarke: I am actually hosting my very first Christmas dinner! I haven’t started small though – I will be cooking for 12! I haven’t exactly planned out my menu either, but I’m sure there will be something sweet and yummy for pudding even though no one will have any room.

tombola: That’s what the festive season is all about! What’s on your Christmas list this year?

Lara Clarke: I can honestly say there are no material possessions that I want this year. As long as my friends and family are happy and healthy, I have everything I need. If Santa really wants to drop me something down the chimney though, I’ll have a nice fluffy pair of PJs.

It’s lovely to see that Lara is still so passionate about cake-making after such a hectic month, and is embracing the true spirit of Christmas. If you, too, want to do a good Christmas deed, and find out just how Lara created her lovely little post office, simply pay a visit to Frostington and download a recipe booklet. All proceeds are donated to the charities Alzheimer’s Society, Australian Melanoma Research Foundation and Icing Smiles, Inc.

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