tombola Treats to Raise Money for Baby Zack

Here at tombola towers, we don’t need much of a reason to scoff a scrummy slice of chocolate cake or a double-stacked cream cake. When we know it’s for a good cause, however, we make sure to have an extra slice!

Meet Zack. Zack is a thirteen month old baby, and is already onto his second round of chemotherapy. He was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia  just one week before his first birthday, which means that rather than fun, games and celebrations, he spent his big day having his first round of chemotherapy treatment. When one of the tombola family, Emma, shared Zacks story, we all sat up and listened. Emma is our Customer Service Advisor and has a very good reason to want to help Zack – she’s his aunty. It’s an unofficial title, but Emma and Zack’s mum have been best friends since they were kids, so she has an extra special reason to want to help.

Emma organised a bake sale to help raise some much needed funds for Zack’s family, to help them through the tough six month period in which he’ll be in hospital. On the day of the bake sale, the tombola family baked A LOT of cakes. From cupcakes to sponges, the team really stepped up to the plate and made sure the event was a real success. In one day, we raised a total of £500 purely from the sale of our cakes.It’s safe to say that nobody here at tombola was watching their waistline that day!

Zack’s mam, Nicola is trying to win a competition to win £350 worth of toys for all the children to use on the hospital ward. You can help by ‘liking’ the comment by Natalie Watters here.

You can read more about Zack’s story directly from his family, here.

Zack with his mam and dad.

Zack with his mam and dad.


tombola staff digging in to the cakes

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