A Parents Survival Guide: 2 Children Under 5 Years Old


The hottest topic at the Loose Women table over the past week has been the arrival of the latest royal… Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

After Kate Middleton gave birth to her second child, Prince George now has a little sister to keep him company. But with George still being just a little one himself, what kind of challenges can Kate expect to come up against? We spoke to parenting bloggers about the advice they’d give to anyone caring for two children under five years old.

Emily Jane from the blog Surviving a Sleep Thief gave a humorous insight into raising two babies:

Don’t buy a double buggy

You will use it once, realise it is really heavy and annoying and sell it on eBay.

Don’t try to get anywhere on time

With two babies on the go, everything takes ages. Nipping out becomes a thing of the past. I remember a time when getting dressed simply meant taking clothes out of the wardrobe and putting them on. Now it can take anything up to an hour.

Buy two of everything

They always want what the other one has.

Two emracing teddy bear toys sitting on window-sill

Allie Darr, blogger at Table for More, also had some really useful first-hand advice, inspired by her own experience of raising two children under two years old:

Give yourself a break and take your time


  • Things will all fall into place
  • A schedule will slowly form
  • The kids will all live, even if you aren’t at full mental capacity

And if you need to, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Friends are amazing, especially the ones who have been in your shoes. Plus, if all else fails, you can always strap them into the car and hit up your favourite coffee shop. Chances are they will fall asleep on the way and you will have some ‘me’ time.

Sleep schedules

Try to make sure that your first baby has gotten into a sleeping schedule before the second one arrives. Try to transition your first baby away from sleeping in your room when they are around seven to eight months old, so they have time to adjust to sleeping on their own.

Get out of the house

Don’t let the fear of having two babies stop you from creating memories! Leaving the house for the first time is scary, but we started out by travelling with my partner on his way to work, just to venture out, and it felt amazing. If the thought of going out too early scares you, invite friends round to your place, host little playdates and just try to stay active for your sanity!

One-on-one time

When your younger baby is napping, plan in some one-on-one time with the eldest of the two little ones. I save special messier activities for this time (such as baking), but I also like to take one or the other with me when I run errands. It’s nice to spend alone time separately with the children as well as together.

Keep communication open

Sometimes you may feel like you’re the one doing all the work. I remember with my first baby, I felt like I was always the one changing the nappies. When juggling two small children, you need to open up and tell your partner how you feel. Mine had no idea since I would always just change the nappies without asking for help, so he figured that I didn’t mind. Now I have no problems with speaking up and asking. Husbands often want to help: they love their kids, but I think that because we are the mothers and can be a little overprotective, partners can have trouble figuring out how we feel. Always keep communication strong in order to cope with two children.

Do you have any of your own first-hand experience when it comes to raising two children under five years old? What advice would you give to Dutchess Kate now that her second bundle of joy has entered the world? Let us know!


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