50x £10,000 jackpots won in Bingo Roulette

We’re celebrating our 50th £10,000 jackpot winner in Bingo Roulette!

pyewacket from Bexhill-On-Sea is our latest £10,000 jackpot winner, he won in the Bellagio room at 12.33 this morning. He couldn’t believe his luck and was stuck for words and said “omggggggg. I’m shaking. I’m so so so so so happy, ty tombola.”

Bingo Roulette has only been spinning for two years and we celebrated its birthday last week with guaranteed prizes in every game. In total, 50 £10,000 jackpots have won which is incredible. It’s not only the £10,000 jackpots that have been won in Bingo Roulette, so many players have won jackpots from £200, £500, £1,000, £2,000 and £5,000. Take a look at some of our players’ comments.

katesgame11 from Swansea won £500 in Bingo Roulette on the 15th April and said “What a fabulous surprise! My 2nd Jackpot win in two months! I couldn’t believe it! My daughter and I have been shopping already to celebrate, many thanks to the roulette roomies for their congratulations too.” 

Kelad1201 from Cumbria won £1,000 in Bingo Roulette on the 14th December and said “I was so chuffed, the most amazing thing was all the roomies saying well done and congratulations. We are now looking forward to a family holiday. Thank you.”

bess12 from Oxfordshire won £10,000 in Bingo Roulette on the 18th October and said “How did I feel when I realised I had won? Well after staring at the screen for a few minutes amd actually taking in that I had won £10,000! OMG! I felt fantastic.”

Congratulations to everyone who has won a jackpot prize in Bingo Roulette! Happy spinning.

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