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What gestures make people the happiest in relationships?

Flowers are the number one gesture you can do for your partner

According to a previous study, March is the month most happily married couples meet. But do you know what makes your partner happier than anything else?

In response, we have asked 11,164 people what gesture their partner could do to make them happy. And the results might surprise you.

28% say buying flowers is the ONE thing their partner could do to make them happy

Overwhelmingly, more than one quarter (28%) of those surveyed stated that bringing flowers home is the one thing their partner could do to brighten their day. So, you heard it here first if you are looking for a gift for your partner. But there could be a scientific reason behind this.

It’s proven that, in fact, flowers can make you happy. A study attempted to highlight the link between emotional health and flowers. They found that being around flowers - such as your partner bringing them home for you - can lead to happier emotions, more life satisfaction and even positive influences on your social behaviour. But that’s not the only thing you can do for your partner.

What’s one gesture your date or partner can do to make you happy?  



Bring me flowers



Help around the house



Smile at me



Be there



Bring me food



Say 'I love you'






Give me a hug



Go for a meal



Make me a cup of tea



Doing the housework is the second BEST thing you can do to ensure your partner stays content

The dreaded chore war has long been cited as one of the most common causes of friction in a relationship. But, 1 in 11 (9%) said that if their partner was to do one thing that would make them happy, it would be the housework (such as doing the cleaning and ironing).

In a previous study conducted by us to our Facebook community of 160,000 people, we even found out the worst chore, with 35% of people stating that cleaning the oven is the most hated household chore.

Additional studies have also found 80% of those that do chores in the house said they have had disagreements about chores in the past. But it has been revealed that couples who do chores together are happier together and have better relationship satisfaction.

We’re a nation of cheap dates. The third best thing you can do to make your partner’s day is smile at them

It’s official. You don’t need more than a smile (and some flowers) to make your partner’s day. Better yet, smile while you are doing the housework and your partner will be even happier.

6% of the 11,164 surveyed (or 681 people) said that a smile from their significant other is enough to make them happy.

This is closely followed by 6% of people (634 respondents) saying that just being there with their partner and having quality time together is enough to improve their levels of happiness.

The respondents would rather their partner bring home snacks instead of saying ‘I love you’

According to 428 people (or 4% of respondents), bringing food home - such as their favourite snacks - is enough to make them happy in their relationship.

In fact, bringing good snacks is more important for happiness in the relationship than saying ‘I love you’ with only 397 (4%) people saying that would make them happy. This could be because bringing home your partner’s favourite snacks suggest you are thinking about them when not with them, and what you can do to see them smile. Or we could all be hungry.

3% are waiting on a proposal from their other half to make them happy

362 people surveyed (or 3%) said that their partner proposing to them would be the one thing that would make them happy, suggesting we could see an influx of proposals soon.

Other things that made it in the top 10 of what people said would please them included a hug (3%) and going for a meal (3%).

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We surveyed 11,164 people from the tombola community and asked them:

  • Spring is one of the most popular times of the year for dating, but what’s the one gesture your date or partner can do to make you happy?

 We then manually placed all similar responses into the same field and broke the responses down into the most common gestures.