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The UK's best day out

REVEALED: This is where to go for the UK’s best day out 

With the warm weather coming, it’s time to start planning your summer. 

Recent reports suggest that Brits are still choosing to holiday at home. With that in mind, tombola has analysed 1,393,370 TripAdvisor reviews in 20 of the UK’s most popular destinations to reveal the best day out. 

They looked at top-rated parks and free attractions, scoring each one in an index to reveal the ultimate day out.*

Leeds offers the best day out

According to the index, Leeds scored 64 points in total across all four points we were looking at (Sunday lunch reviews, fish and chips reviews, top parks and free attractions). In fact, that’s 10 points higher than the second best day out, Nottingham.

UK's best day out

Leeds scored high points for both Sunday lunch and the best parks. The data looked at the two most popular restaurants (within the filters in the methodology) that mentioned ‘Sunday dinner’, ‘Sunday lunch’ and ‘vegan options’ the most. 23% of the total reviews featured those words, suggesting it is the best spot to tuck into the traditional British dish. The Dill & Bay Restaurant and The Fox and Hounds came up trumps for Leeds. 

Likewise, the northern city also scored very high points for the best parks, with 20% of all reviews for Roundhay Park and Temple Newsam mentioning the words ‘scenic’, ‘lovely walk’ and ‘green space.'

Nottingham takes second place overall for the best day out, with points for The Arboretum and Highfields

Scoring 54 points, Nottingham is the second best day out of the destinations analysed. 

Like Leeds, Nottingham scored the highest points for the best park, with 21% of the reviews describing the top-rated parks (The Arboretum and Highfields) as ‘scenic’, along with ‘lovely walk’ and ‘green space’. 

The city also scored relatively high for Sunday lunch spots. According to the index, Fishkey Micro Brewery & Restaurant at The Woodlark Inn and The Staunton Arms are the best places in Nottingham for your Sunday dinner.

Cardiff rounds up the top three destinations for the best day out

According to the data analysed, Cardiff takes the third place for the best day out, overall. 

As one of the top three, it’s no surprise that Cardiff is one of the top locations for the best park. 20% of the total reviews state that the two parks reviewed (Roath Park and Bute Park) for the city are ‘scenic’ and offer a ‘lovely walk’ and ‘green space’.

So, if you are planning your travels, you might want to start looking at these three destinations.

Bristol is the BEST place for Sunday Lunch

While Leeds might be the best place overall for a day out, it's Bristol that takes the crown for Sunday lunch. 

Top of the list is a family-run pub in the heart of Clifton, Bristol. The Lion, is situated in an area with plenty of choice for pubs and bars, but the Lion is hidden gem. With over a third of its reviews (34.4%) mentioning their Sunday roasts and vegan options, it’s the place to be to finish your week off with a hearty meal.

The Top 10 Best Reviewed Restaurants in the UK for a Sunday Roast

The three top rated restaurants for Sunday roasts in the UK are family-run!




Total no. of reviews that mention Sunday roasts

% of of reviews that mention Sunday roasts



The Lion





Busby and Wilds





The Fox and Hounds





Dill & Bay Restaurant





Victoria Restaurant Cattal





Gwaelod y Garth Inn





The Clarendon Arms





Chez Mal Brasserie & Bar at Malmaison Newcastle





Chris and Jo's Kitchen








The best parks can be found in Nottingham AND Newcastle

It’s no surprise that the best park can be found in Nottingham, the second best destination overall, thanks to its reputation for green space. The Arboretum and Highfields take the crown in Nottingham.

But 21% of the reviews mentioning the words ‘scenic’, ‘lovely walk’ and ‘green space’ also describe the top-rated parks in Newcastle, with Jesmond Dene and Saltwell park the top parks in Newcastle. 

So, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of outdoor space if you head to these two destinations.

But it’s the English dish, fish and chips, that is the BEST in Edinburgh

While Bristol and Leeds are first and second, respectively, for Sunday lunch, it’s Edinburgh that, surprisingly, takes the crown for top place for fish and chips. This is despite the dish originating in England. 

A quarter of the restaurant reviews for Edinburgh mention ‘fish and chips’ and ‘vegan options’. Doctors and Bertie’s Restaurant and Bar are the top destinations for sampling fish and chips, with 25% of the reviews mentioning the dish.   

So, you should visit this city if you are a fan of the British delicacy.

Chester Cathedral and Chester Rows are the best FREE attractions  

Chester is the fourth best day out of all UK locations analysed, and the free attractions in the city push it up the list. 

We analysed 338,657 reviews on popular attractions in the 20 destinations and chose two for each location. 29% of Chester’s top-rated free attractions (Chester Cathedral and Chester Rows) mentioned the words ‘value’ and ‘worth a visit’, making this the best place to see local sights. 

If this has got you excited to travel, check out our recent analysis of the UK’s spookiest castles.



*tombola uncovered the 20 most popular UK destinations. They used TripAdvisor and applied the following filters for the best spots for:

  • Sunday lunch - selecting restaurant, lunch, mid-range, roast beef, vegan options on TripAdvisor
  • Fish and chips - selecting restaurant, mid-range, fish and chips, vegan options on TripAdvisor
  • Best park - filter for ‘nature and parks’ on Tripadvisor
  • Free attractions - filter for ‘free entry’ and ‘attractions’ on TripAdvisor

They then totalled the number of reviews mentioning specific words analysed and divided this by the total reviews for each restaurant or attraction and got an average percentage to reveal the best places. 

Data gathered: 09/05/22 - 11/05/22