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Most hated chores

The 5 most hated chores, and how to complete them all for £1.11

Cleaning the oven is Britain’s MOST HATED chore 

After asking 160,000 of their players, tombola has uncovered that cleaning the oven is the most hated chore by Brits. Over a third (35%) voted for this time-consuming bit of housework, with ironing in second place and washing/drying the dishes in third. 

However, interestingly, over 122 million people have watched an #ovencleaning hack on TikTok - highlighting how many of us need help cleaning with this appliance. 

To help, tombola has shared their top money-saving hacks for all five of the most hated chores below. 

Clean your oven for 25p in less than 30 minutes

35% voted for cleaning the oven as their most hated household chore 

1,200 of tombola’s players revealed that cleaning the oven is the most hated chore by Britains.

tombola has uncovered the way you can clean yours in under 30 minutes and for as little as 25p per clean.

  • Mix 64g baking soda with about 55ml (3 tbsp) white wine vinegar and make a paste
  • Remove all trays from the oven
  • Spread over the inside of the oven and, of course, the glass door
  • Leave for 30 minutes or, ideally, overnight
  • Wipe clean with a wet cloth

Improve your ironing with this hack for under 65p

14% voted for ironing as their most hated household chore 

The second most hated chore on the list was, of course, ironing.

1) Remove the ironing board cover and spread tin foil over the board, tucking the foil underneath.

2) Replace the cover.

3) The foil will now reflect the heat onto the underside of the garments, acting as a second iron. 

How to clean your burnt pan for just 6p

9% voted for washing/drying dishes as their most hated household chore 

One of the best tips to ensure you're getting pristine dishes is to work from the cleanest dishes to the dirtiest. And this method of washing your dishes could save you some serious cleaning time. 

Order of cleaning:

  • Glasses
  • Cutlery
  • Plates
  • Pots and pans

A really great tip is to use a can of cola (or 250ml of a larger bottle to save on packaging) to clean your burnt pans. Let your cola steep in the pan overnight and watch the grime wipe away in the morning. And it can cost as little as 6p a wash

How to create streak-free windows for only 5p

6% voted for cleaning the windows as their most hated household chore 

Vinegar makes for a great natural substitute for cleaning windows as it is cheap and doesn’t streak. But, it’s best not to do it on a warm day as it could actually streak. The sun will dry the cleaning solution before you’ve had a chance to get to it, leaving you with streaks on your not-so gleaming windows. If you do choose to clean your windows on a very warm day, clean small surface areas. 

  • Find a cleaning solution - a popular, natural and effective solution is a white vinegar and water mix. You can pick these up for as little as £1.45, and with an average spray consisting of 0.85 ml of liquid dispensed, you could get over 882 sprays in this bottle easily covering well over 100 window cleans!
  • Spray the window with cleaning spray.
  • Wipe away excess moisture with a kitchen towel.
  • Get a perfect finish for 3p and buff dry with a coffee filter

How to clean your non-fabric blinds for just 10p

6% voted for cleaning the blinds as their most hated household chore 

  1. Detach your blinds from the wall.
  2. Place in your used bathtub water.
  3. Add about 50ml of washing up liquid to your bath.
  4. Grab a brush or sponge scourer and give your blinds a scrub.
  5. Unplug the bath and allow it to dry.
  6. Give it a quick polish/wipe before reattaching.

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