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Revealed: How you create the perfect film

Revealed: The formula to the ultimate film

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create the perfect film? Who should direct the movie to turn it into an instant hit, and how long should that film be? Or even, what actors are more likely to turn a Box Office flop into a Box Office bop?

As TV sponsors, we have turned our attention to the film industry on what is set to be a BIG year for film to reveal the ‘recipe’ for that perfect film. To do so, we’ve analysed the 250 top-rated movies on IMDB by voters.

The data has spoken. The ‘perfect’ film length is… two hours and eight minutes

Are films getting too long? While not typically proven as some older movies, such as Gone With The Wind, boast a run-time of more than three hours, this topic has recently been discussed as streaming services continue to grow in popularity, and our attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish.

Older studies have even stated that the ‘ideal’ film time is just under two hours.

However, according to the data from 250 top-rated films on IMDB, the perfect film length is 128 minutes (two hours and eight minutes). This has been calculated by looking at the overall running time of the most popular films according to IMDB voters to reveal the average film length.

But what type of film is the most successful?

Drama is the ultimate genre, according to the analysis of 250 top-rated films

As the data reveals that drama is the most successful genre (with regular IMDB votes), we can share that to create the ideal film, you need a dramatic plot and a run-time of 128 minutes.

60% of the 250 films analysed (148) boasted three genres, while only 9% had just one genre.

Dramatic films can include a huge spectrum of films, from Hollywood blockbusters to romantic movies to true crime, so it’s no surprise that the highest-rated films are dramas. However, it’s a multi-genre film that is more successful.

Secondary genres should be adventure, crime and action

As mentioned above, the highest-rated films according to IMDB voters featured three genres. Of the 250 films reviewed, 176 of them were labelled Drama. This was closely followed by 60 films labelled Adventure, 51 as Crime and 51 as Action.

The Most successful genres in film

But who should be starring in the perfect movie?

Robert De Niro should be cast as the protagonist of the ‘ultimate film’

According to the data, Robert De Niro has featured in nine of the 250 films analysed - making him the only choice for the lead role in the ‘perfect film’. Some of the movies he has starred in that feature in the film include Goodfellas and Heat.

De Niro is widely considered one of the ‘best actors of his generation’ and has received two Oscars and a Golden Globe during his career. Six of his iconic films have also been included in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

The supporting role should go to Leonardo DiCaprio, with six of his films featuring in the top-rated list of 250. It’s worth noting that the average year for these films is 1986 and gender equality has come along way from then, and we are seeing more women take the lead in major motion pictures.

Jennifer Connelly should play the female lead in the ‘perfect’ film

Three of Jennifer Connelly's films featured in the list of 250, making her the most likely living actress to make an IMDB top-rated film. The three films are Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind (where she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress) and Top Gun: Maverick.

The second most successful actress - according to the film list - would be Carrie Fisher (with three films also featured in the list), followed by Jodie Foster, with two films in the movie list.

Finally, the film should be directed by a mix of five directors

When analysing the 250 top-rated IMDB films by IMDB voters, five directors consistently appeared at the top. Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and Akira Kurosawa all had seven films featured in the list of 250 movies. However, we only included living directors in the poster.

So, to create that ‘perfect’ film, you need:

  • 128 minutes run-time
  • Three genres: Drama, adventure and crime
  • Robert De Niro as your male lead
  • Jennifer Connelly as your female lead
  • Leonardo Di Caprio in a supporting role
  • Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan as your directors.

Introducing ‘Broken Promises’

Broken Promises starring Robert De Niro

Now that we know the formula for the ‘perfect’ film, we decided to create it. Entering Broken Promises.

We asked ChatGPT to provide us with a film name and synopsis featuring the formula for the ‘perfect’ film. The below synopsis was created after asking Chat GPT to provide us with a film synopsis of a drama that starred Robert De Niro, and Jennifer Connelly with Leonardo DiCaprio as a supporting actor.

“The film is called “Broken Promises” and it stars Robert De Niro, Jennifer Connelly, and Leonardo DiCaprio. The film is a drama about a retired police detective named Frank (played by De Niro) who is struggling with his failing marriage to his wife Ellen (played by Connelly). When a young man named Jack (played by DiCaprio) comes to Frank seeking help in finding his missing sister, Frank sees a chance to redeem himself and regain a sense of purpose.

“As Frank and Jack delve deeper into the investigation, they uncover a web of corruption and deceit that threatens to destroy everything Frank holds dear.

“Broken Promises is a powerful and emotional drama about redemption, family, and the search for justice.”

According to the films we analysed, the average profit is $105.2 million (£86.9 million) which suggests if this film was ever to be made, it could be a Box Office success.


We analysed the IMDB top 250 movies as rated by regular IMDB voters to find the data point for the:

  • Top actors (only living actors included in the ‘formula’ poster to make a current film)
  • Top directors (only living directors included in the ‘formula’ poster to make a current film)
  • Film genre
  • Run-time for the film

 We then used ChatGPT to provide us with a film synopsis and film title based on the data we collected from the list of 250 movies.