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tombola Bingo

britain's biggest bingo site

britain's biggest bingo site
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Play Online Bingo at tombola bingo – the UK’s premier bingo site

Online Bingo games in the UK have become very popular, thousands of bingo lovers play bingo each day, and it couldn’t be easier to play online bingo at tombola. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and you too can join in the fun. Share the same bingo experience as you do offline, play your favourite bingo games and chat to other players, only now you can play any game any time of the day in the comfort of your own home, or in fact anywhere with internet access.

Play bingo online from as little as 2p a ticket with bingo-lite and have the chance to win cash jackpot prizes.

How to play online bingo

Buy up to four bingo tickets, a strip of six or three or four strips of six – just like you can offline.
The advantage of playing online bingo is that the dabber can be automated which gives you time to chat in the rooms or play another game at the same time. If however, you love the fun of dabbing the numbers yourself – then you can of course do that too! But don’t worry, the auto dabber still works in the background so you won’t miss out on a win even if you miss a number.

Online bingo games available to play on tombola

tombola has a wide variety of exclusive online games including bingo 90, bingo 80, bingo 75, bingo 50, Cinco, bingo Lite, Bandit! and Bingo Roulette. Go for a spin online with Roller-Coaster, place your bets in Hamster Race and sink the fleet in Battleships. Check out the latest FREE online game.

tombola online prizes

tombola has thousands of online winners, £3million in cash is won every week – check out our winners page for the latest winners. You can win online prizes and Full House prizes, plus if you’re lucky you might win the jackpots too!

bingo 90 – progressive jackpot
bingo 80 – £500
bingo 75 – £500
bingo Lite - £100
bingo 50 - 1,000
Cinco - £20,000
Bandit! - £20,000
Roller-Coaster - £5,000
Battleships - £2,500
Bingo Roulette - £10,000

Is online bingo expensive?

tombola online bingo tickets start from just 2p - £2.00. Deposit £10 to £25 and we will match your first deposit of up to £25 with our Money Match guarantee. Place bets from as little as 2p with bingo Lite. Play bingo 90, 75 and Bandit! from only 10p. Try sinking the fleet with Battleships for 50p a game. Remember tombola offers depositing players a FREE game every month, giving you the chance to win lots of cash prizes.

Online bingo Chat

tombola has over 40 online chat rooms, which is perfect if you want to make friends and join in the general ‘chit chat’. There are 15 colourful chat rooms to choose from in bingo 90. Chat in some of the most glamorous destinations in Cinco. With Bandit! choose from one of the four chat rooms; the Ship, Red Lion, and The King’s Head. Choose between the Peach and Cream room in bingo 80 and have a super light chat with bingo Lite in the Fizz, Feather or Bubble room.

Play in shapes and choose between the Stars and Stripes in American style bingo in the bingo 75 game. ‘Chat’ as much as you want in Battleships, Roller-Coaster, Bingo Roulette and Hamster Race.

We pride ourselves on providing the friendliest online bingo chat rooms available. Join in the fun of an online bingo game by registering today.

Role of the Chat Moderator

At tombola online bingo we have friendly Chat Room Moderators (CMs) who will ensure that your online experience is fun, friendly and safe. The CMs run FREE quizzes each day where you can win prizes to test your knowledge. If you need any assistance they’re always around to help. Learn the bingo lingo using the help section.

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