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app score4.5 app score4.5 app score4.5 app score4.5 app score4.5 (5240 review count)

open your phone 'settings'

​and navigate to 'security'

As you are downloading

direct ​from tombola,

find and tick

'unknown sources'

tap 'OK' on the pop-up

​to confirm the change

​head to

​on your phone and click on


​a pop-up will appear.

tap 'ok' to 

​begin the download

​once downloaded

​click on the .apk file 

​and select 'install'

installation will only take

​a few moments

register an account

​or login to play

once installed, simply tap

'open' ​to launch the app




​How to

​*Kindle instructions vary slightly





✓ App Installed


Do you want to install this application? It does not

​require any special access.



tombola app is

100% safe and secure

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app screenshot app screenshot app screenshot app screenshot app screenshot app screenshot app screenshot


Come join the fun at tombola, Britain’s biggest bingo app. We’ve got all of the games you know and love like bingo 90 and bingo 80 as well as some of our own unique bingo and casino games like Pulse, Cinco and our latest game Blocks.

What’s more new players can get their hands on our welcome if; if you deposit £25 we’ll give you £50 absolutely FREE or deposit £10 and we’ll give you £20 extra to play with*

...and remember if you win and want to withdraw any real money, there are no wagering requirements at all. So if you win money in any game you’re able to withdraw the full amount.

Already a tombola player? Then simply download the app and login using your usual details and you can play all of the games you know and love on the move, in front of the TV or even on the loo if you so wish… you can’t do that with a desktop computer.

Our games start from just 2p in bingo Lite and we have unique bingo games that you’ll not find anywhere else. If that still doesn’t tickle your fancy how about jackpots up to £20,000 ? !

Community is at the heart of tombola bingo, all of our online bingo games have chat rooms attached to them so you can have a natter with other players and our friendly bunch of Chat Moderators, who you’ll see from time to time. Our Chat Mods are happy to answer all of your tombola questions and you can also win money in their chat games throughout the day. ***

We’re a gambling website but we want you to gamble responsibly, we want you to have fun while you play whilst making sure you stay in control of your spending. We’ve got a number of responsible gambling features to help you do so – from setting a deposit limit(don’t forget you get £1 bonus for doing this), freezing a game, cooling off and much more. Be sure to check out the “play responsibly” section in your account.

This is just another reason we’ve won Bingo Operator of the year (2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012) and Best Overall Bingo Operator(2012)

Over 18s only.

* Deposit £10-£25 and get 200% bonus money. First deposit only. Terms apply.

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app score 4.5 app score 4.5 app score 4.5 app score 4.5 app score 4.5 (5240 review count)
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1. Tombola


review score3 review score3 review score3 review score3 review score3

Love playing the games but it keeps cutting connection but only in my house, elsewhere is fine

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2. The best


review score5 review score5 review score5 review score5 review score5

By far the best bingo app and online bingo I’ve ever played

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3. Puppydogeyes1

Jonesy amanda

review score5 review score5 review score5 review score5 review score5

Tombola best bloody site ever love it love it love it

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4. Review


review score5 review score5 review score5 review score5 review score5

I love tombola best site I have payed on !! Lovely cms and roomiess xx

Additional app information


Thursday 12th July, 2018

Current Version



~90 MB

What's new

  • There’s a new kid on the block…try our brand new, explosive bingo game Blocks! You'll find tickets from just 10p, two guaranteed prizes in every game and jackpots of up to £20,000!
  • Three of your favourites are now available on the app - bingo 75, bingo 60 and tombola Roulette.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


Version 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above


Keep your feedback coming in to [email protected]

Having trouble installing?

Q. Why do I need to allow ‘Unknown Sources’ on my kindle?

A. Kindles are only set to only allow downloads from the Amazon Store. Ticking the 'Unknown Sources' box allows you to download apps outside of the Amazon Store. As of Wednesday 2nd August, 2017 the tombola app will be available in the Google Play Store, for all other android devices.

Q. What happens if I turn ‘Unknown Sources’ off after downloading your app?

A. Nothing, you will still be able to play on our app.

Q. I’ve downloaded the app but I can’t find it.

A. Use the pull-down menu after the app has downloaded and click ‘install’. If the app does not show, look in the file ‘app’ and then ‘download’ folder - it may have downloaded to your phone’s memory or to your memory card.

Q. What Android version is the app compatible with?

A. Version 2.3 (gingerbread) and beyond.

Q. I have an old device, will the app work?

A. The app is not compatible with the handsets below but don’t worry, if you have one of these devices; you can still join in the fun and play on our mobile site
  • Acer beTouch E140
  • Acer beTouch E210
  • Acer beTouch E400
  • Acer Liquid mini
  • Alcatel One Touch OT-906
  • Alcatel One Touch OT-908
  • Alcatel One Touch OT-980
  • Alcatel One Touch OT-990
  • Alcatel v860 (Vodafone Smart II)
  • Archos Arnova 7c G2
  • Asus Garmin nuvifone A50 (T-Mobile Garminfone)
  • Augen GENTouch 78 Tablet
  • Beeline E300
  • Beeline M2
  • Coby Kyros Internet Tablet (MID7015)
  • Cowon D3 plenue
  • Excimer eTab A07
  • Explay MID-710
  • Fly IQ250 Swift
  • Fly IQ260 Blackbird
  • Fly IQ270 Firebird
  • Geeksphone One, Geeksphone Zero
  • Gigabyte GSmart G1305 Codfish
  • Gigabyte GSmart G1310 Ray
  • Gigabyte GSmart G1315 Skate
  • Gigabyte GSmart G1317D Rola
  • GoClever TAB T70
  • GoClever TAB T73
  • Gpad G10
  • Gpad G11 (HSG X5A)
  • HighScreen Cosmo
  • HighScreen Cosmo DUO
  • HighScreen PP5420
  • HighScreen Zeus
  • HTC Aria
  • HTC ChaCha A810e
  • HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1, Android Dev Phone 1)
  • HTC Droid Eris
  • HTC Espresso (T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide)
  • HTC Gratia (HTC Liberty)
  • HTC Hero (T-Mobile G2 Touch)
  • HTC Legend
  • HTC Magic (T-Mobile myTouch 3G, T-Mobile G1 Touch)
  • HTC Salsa
  • HTC Tattoo
  • HTC Wildfire
  • HTC Wildfire A333
  • HTC Wildfire S (A510E, HTC Marvel)
  • Huawei Ascend
  • Huawei Ideos U8150
  • Huawei Ideos U8150-B (T-Mobile Comet)
  • Huawei Ideos X1 Gaga (Huawei U8180)
  • Huawei Ideos X3 (Huawei U8510)
  • Huawei M835
  • Huawei M865
  • Huawei Sonic U8650
  • Huawei U8100
  • Huawei U8110 (T-Mobile Pulse Mini)
  • Huawei U8160 (Vodafone 858 Smart)
  • Huawei U8220
  • Huawei U8230
  • Huawei U8300
  • Huawei U8500
  • INQ Cloud Touch
  • JoinTech JR70
  • Kyocera Milano
  • Kyocera Zio M6000
  • Lenovo A60
  • LG Ally (LG VS740)
  • LG Apex (LG US740)
  • LG Enlighten (LG VS700)
  • LG GW620 (Eve, InTouch Max, LinkMe)
  • LG Optimus (LG GT540)
  • LG Optimus Chat (C550)
  • LG Optimus Chic (E720)
  • LG Optimus Hub (LG E510, Univa)
  • LG Optimus Link (P690, Optimus Net)
  • LG Optimus Link Dual Sim (P698)
  • LG Optimus M (MS690)
  • LG Optimus Me (P350, Pecan)
  • LG Optimus Net (P690, Optimus Link)
  • LG Optimus One (P500, P509, Optimus T, Thrive, Phoenix)
  • LG Optimus Pro (C660)
  • LG Optimus S (LS670)
  • LG Optimus T (P509)
  • LG Optimus V (VM670)
  • LG Vortex (VS660)
  • Linx Commtiva N700
  • MAG iMiTO iM7
  • MAG iMiTO iM7S
  • Mediatek 675
  • Micromax A50 Ninja
  • Micromax A52
  • Micromax A60
  • Micromax A70
  • Micromax A75
  • Micromax A80
  • Micromax A85
  • Motorola Backflip (Motus, MB300, ME600)
  • Motorola Citrus (WX445)
  • Motorola Cliq (Morrison, MB200)
  • Motorola CLIQ XT (MB501)
  • Motorola Devour (Calgary, A555)
  • Motorola Dext (Morrison, MB220)
  • Motorola Fire (XT311)
  • Motorola Fire XT (XT531)
  • Motorola i1 (Opus One)
  • Motorola Quench (ME501)
  • Motorola Quench XT3 (Commtiva Z71)
  • Motorola Quench XT5 (XT502)
  • Motorola Spice (XT300)
  • Motorola Spice Key (XT316)
  • MTC 916
  • MTC 950 (Huawei U8160, Vodafone 858 Smart)
  • MTC 955 (Huawei U8650 Sonic)
  • MTC Android (Huawei U8110, Red Bull Mobile RBMK, T-Mobile Pulse Mini)
  • MTC Evo
  • One Touch 991
  • One Touch 991D
  • Orange Boston (Gigabyte GSmart G1305 Codfish, Motorola QUENCH XT5, Commtiva Z71)
  • Orange Monte Carlo
  • Orange San Francisco (Project JAL, Beeline E400)
  • Pandigital Novel 7" (Tablet & eReader)
  • Pantech Crossover
  • PocketBook IQ 701
  • Ritmix RMD-720
  • Samsung GT-B7350 WiTu Pro
  • Samsung GT-B7510 Galaxy Pro
  • Samsung GT-B7620 Giorgio Armani
  • Samsung GT-i5500 Galaxy 5 (Corby, Galaxy Europa)
  • Samsung GT-i5510 Galaxy 551
  • Samsung GT-i5700 Galaxy Spica (Galaxy Lite, Galaxy Portal)
  • Samsung GT-i5800 Galaxy 580 (Galaxy 3, Galaxy Teos)
  • Samsung GT-i5801 Galaxy Apollo (Galaxy Naos)
  • Samsung GT-i6500U (Saturn, Galaxy)
  • Samsung GT-i7500 Galaxy
  • Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket
  • Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y (Galaxy Young)
  • Samsung GT-S5512 Galaxy Y Pro Duos
  • Samsung GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini (Galaxy Pop, Tass)
  • Samsung GT-S5660 Galaxy Gio
  • Samsung GT-S5670 Galaxy Fit
  • Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace
  • Samsung GT-S6102 Galaxy Y Duos
  • Samsung SCH-i100 Gem
  • Samsung SCH-R720 Admire
  • Samsung SGH-T499 Dart
  • Samsung SGH-T589 Gravity SMART (Galaxy Q)
  • Samsung SGH-T939 Behold II (Behold 2)
  • Samsung SPH-M580 Replenish
  • Samsung SPH-M820 Galaxy Prevail
  • Samsung SPH-M900 Moment
  • Samsung SPH-M910 Intercept
  • Samsung SPH-M920 Transform
  • Sanyo ZIO M6000
  • Sharp SH7218U
  • Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X8(X8i, Shakira, E15i)
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini (Robyn, E10i)
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (U20i, Mimmi)
  • Spice Mi-270
  • Spice Mi-280
  • Spice Mi-310
  • Spice Mi-350/Lenovo A60
  • Spice Mi-350n/Fly IQ260
  • STAR A7272+
  • Superpad 10.2" Tablet PC
  • T-Mobile Comet (Huawei 8150 Ideos)
  • T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream)
  • T-Mobile G2 Touch (HTC Hero)
  • T-Mobile Garminfone
  • T-Mobile Move (Alcatel OT-908)
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G (HTC Magic)
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender LE (HTC Sapphire)
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide (HTC Espresso)
  • T-Mobile Pulse (Huawei U8220)
  • T-Mobile Pulse Mini (Huawei U8110, Red Bull Mobile RBMK, ??? Android)
  • Velocity Micro T103 Cruz tablet
  • Velocity Micro T104 Cruz tablet
  • Velocity Micro T105 Cruz tablet
  • ViewSonic V350
  • Viewsonic ViewPad 7 Tablet
  • Vodafone 845
  • Vodafone 945
  • Vodafone Smart II (Smart 2, V860)
  • ZTE Blade (Orange San Francisco, Project JAL, Beeline E400)
  • ZTE Blade U880
  • ZTE Libra (X880)
  • ZTE Light (ZTE V9)
  • ZTE Link
  • ZTE Penguin (Micromax A60)
  • ZTE Racer (??? 916)
  • ZTE Skate (Orange Monte Carlo)
  • ZTE Tureis