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Meet the tombola bugs....Dungy

Dungy loves dung, sports and sports with dung. As the resident dung-ball-rolling pro, he's always up for trying something new. Dungy loves nothing more than being part of a team and encouraging his fellow #tombolabugs to get involved too.

Unfortunately for Dungy, organising a five-a-side is proving to be difficult – partly because some of our tombola bug squad don't have feet… better luck next time, mate.

Favourite band: The crowds on the football terrace

Favourite tombola game: Dungy loves a smashing night in Blocks and can often be found rolling between the three Chat Rooms.

Did you know? Dung beetles can roll up to 50 times their weight… which makes them the strongest insect in the world! Sorry, Ant…

To see what Dungy and the other bugs are getting up to, tune into ITV's I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! As well as following this cheeky chappy's antics, you can join in with our competitions, promos and games during this year's series!

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