Winter Spotlight – our first seasonal bingo game

The snow season may have come to an end on our first ever seasonal bingo game, but keep your eyes peeled for something new springing up soon. 

What is Winter Spotlight?

We've pieced together a brand-new jigsaw bingo game ready for the peak of winter. There's two chances to win in every game, as well as a Jackpot of up to £1,000 that can be won in 28 calls - giving you more chance to hit that top prize. 

As a seasonal game, Winter Spotlight will only be around for a limited time only. Don't forget to check it out before the snow season comes to an end - we've even added some thaw-some interactive background elements to discover as you play! 

How to play Winter Spotlight?

Choose your stake from five options – 10p, 25p, 50p, £1, and £2. Click confirm and you are bought in for the next game. While you’re waiting for your game to start, why not say hi in our Winter Spotlight Chat Room?

The first prize to play for is the Corner Prize. Drag the pieces from the caller and match 4 corners of the puzzle before anyone else to win the Corner Prize. Be the first person to piece together all 15 numbers on your jigsaw to take home a winterful Full House prize.

If you can clear all 15 numbers in 28 calls or less, you’ll win a Jackpot of up to £1,000. Jackpots are never shared on tombola, so each player will receive the full Jackpot amount if they win in the same number of calls.

We hope to ski you soon over in our very own winter wonderland. 

*The piste is now closed and Winter Spotlight is no longer available. Something new will be coming soon, but in the mean time why not check out our other amazing bingo games?