Bubble bingo – a game bursting with excitement

Bubble bingo is back! Every Friday you can enjoy our exciting bubble popping bingo game with guaranteed Full House prizes in every game.

So why not give bubble bingo a try; it's bingo without numbers!

The aim of bubble bingo is to collect all 10 marbles of one colour before any of the other players. Based on our popular arcade game bubble, this version means that you’re playing along with other people.

How to play bubble bingo

You can play from 10p up to £2, you just need to select your stake and buy in. Once the game begins the screen will be filled with 30 floating bubbles, behind each bubble is a coloured marble - either red, blue or green. The game prize amount is shown along the bottom of the game, along with the Jackpot amount.

Try taking the game off auto-mark and playing manually – it’s loads of fun. Instead of a caller, the bubbles slowly begin to glow. When this happens, it means you can pop them. The revealed coloured marble will then float to the right coloured collector panel. To win just reveal 10 of the same colour marbles before the other players. There is one Full House prize in this game and a Jackpot which is 500 x your stake. To win the Jackpot you must win the game in 14 calls or less, after this the Full House prize amount is awarded.

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