Worlds – our 1p daily game with over 2,000 winners a week.

Explore mystical new worlds with our daily 1p a day game: Worlds. Every day a brand new game of Worlds is ready for you to play – just stake 1p and then click on the spawner to release the mythical hoards of characters.

The aim of Worlds is to collect enough of a set of characters to claim the prize associated with them:

  • Collect 8 wizards to win £1,000.
  • 7 warrior fairies to bag £250.
  • 6 centaurs for a £50.
  • 4 goblins for £10.
  • 3 giants for £5.

Phew, that’s a lot to take in – but don’t worry. As you click the spawner, each character knows where to go and will march off to meet up with its own kind, the collector will show you how many you have.

The game resets each day, so if you didn’t win today; there’s always tomorrow. The game slowly moves through each characters’ homeland so watch out for changing scenery, too.

How to play Worlds

To play Worlds, you’ll need to be opted in to receive SMS from us. To sign up to receive your SMS code make sure that you have updated your details in ‘my account’. Then once a week you’ll receive an SMS code, this lets you access the game for that week. You can only play once a day on either tombola bingo or tombola arcade.

Once you’ve agreed to the 1p stake, it’s time to release the characters. Hit the spawner slowly and let them all march out one by one. Or, you can click it rapidly and have everyone come out at once! The characters will march to their designated areas and the shields will count how many of each you have collected.

The great thing about Worlds is that you can play every day for just 1p, and with more than 2,000 winners a week we think you should grab your shield and your phone - and join the mystical armies of tombola’s Worlds!

Thank you so much tombola for my amazing win of £250. My winnings will go straight towards my identical twin girls' prom night! Can't believe my luck! - looplou483