Roller-Coaster - grab a seat

Ride your way to a £5,000 Jackpot with Roller-Coaster! Take a seat and hold on because in our unique Roller-Coaster game you’ll be catching heads to fill up your carriage. 40 heads will fall from the sky during your ride so be on alert, you’ve got heads to save. Each carriage costs 25p, there is four carriages in total for purchase in each game. You’re able to choose your carriage, so pick which lucky carriage calls out to you. There’s one Chat Room for Roller-Coaster, which means there’s a good chunk of players waiting by the carriages for a good ol’ chat, and of course our Chat Moderators are always around too. For other unique themed games, look here.

How to play Roller-Coaster

Select your carriage, you have four to choose from, each carriage is 25p each. Don’t forget to press confirm! 40 differently named balls will fall from the Roller-Coaster, if your carriage contains the same ball that is dropping from the Roller-Coaster, it will fall into your carriage and take its seat. All you have to do to win is fill your carriage first. If you fill your carriage in the first 5 balls, you win the £5,000 Jackpot, or if you fill your carriage within 6 calls, you win £500!

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